Anonymous announces endorsement for Grady Warren 2012

Today, Anonymous announced its support for the Tea Party’s greatest presidential hope: Grady Warren. Following the suit of Chronicle.SU, Anonymous has created #OpGradyWarren2012 to spread the message of racial hatred espoused by Grady Warren to every corner of the internet. This is in line with the factions of Anonymous who find this kind of shit hilarious and worthy of support.

Grady Warren is a Florida Community College alumnus. He currently works as a Sporting Goods Professional in Jacksonville, Fla. and is an outspoken member of the American Tea Party. Grady Warren has a simple, concise platform that Anonymous can get behind.

  • Deportation of Muslims
  • Deportation of Hispanics
  • Concentration camps for “Negras”
  • Concentration camps for Gays and Lesbians
  • Sexual fantasies about Sarah Palin
  • Voting rights only for educated Whites

See for yourself!

8 replies on “Anonymous announces endorsement for Grady Warren 2012”

Alright, i dont know who you are, or what the hell you are doing, but this is completely false, along with many of the other articles you have posted. this website is a complete failure, and you are pissing off the internet. You are lying to the public to fill your terrible failure of a blog. please drop dead and get off of the internet or else we will force you off.

lol, apparently this kid thinks the internet is only for truth. apparently this kid doesn’t understand sarcasm, let alone satire. ayye MC you are a complete failure, and you are pissing off the internet. please drop dead
fucking retard

you must be the person behind the defamation of barrett brown, the chamber dump. only you would be so butthurt.


what a nutjob this mr. warren is.

“is it racist to expell all non-white minorities from our country, or at least put them in concentration camps, so that we might be re-enabled to celebrate christmas again and imagine an erotic relationship to the female reincarnation of ronald reagan without being ridiculed?”

Grady Warren has many good ideas and many bad ideas. He tells the truth about Islam, illegal immigration, English being the official language, and economic deficit. He is wrong about the environment (he does not care about it), homosexuals (he hates them), and blacks making up 45% of federal jobs.
Grady Warren is not qualified to be the U.S. president, but he would be very useful if elected to the U.S. Congress because we would talk about taboo topics (mostly Islam and illegal immigration).

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