dank memes win key states in hotly contested 2016 deflection

a sore victory for democrats, hill quinton tastes the gold as she bath her self in tears of the sun.

meanwhile doanald trumpf is on fire at the oscars “but why not a blacks>”

oklahoma feeling the burn as kittens are catipulted into ionospheric quest for dank new horizons. “it’s full of memes” cats report

i really didn’t think it would end like this


high school principal comes out and reminds a high student with high ideas no running in the hallways. no horse play its dangerous


By Hatesec

I am the hatest

10 replies on “dank memes win key states in hotly contested 2016 deflection”

Ain’t life crazy kids when the guy who believes in teh magic underwear schools y’all about a Trump Amerika. Also (Nazis) cocks. 宁為太平犬,莫做亂离人

‘Anyone in NYC wanna house me for a night?’
I’ve a couple of refrigerator size cardboard boxes off in an alleyway in some gentrified part of Brooklyn. Plus did I mention it’s free (small) coffee week at MickyDs all this week & weekend?!? All we need now nigga is to set up a wepay for starbuck’s cards, smokes, and Codeine pills. At some point we can hacker the universe.

Seriously people talk about the Jewish Media Mafia but it’s the Mormon Business Mafia y’all should be worried about. Js.

Yo nigga the word is sex worker, prostitute is so 1880’s. Personally I prefer adjectives whore and strumpet.

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