It’s 2016, and suddenly everyone’s opinions matter. We heard yours!

RICHMOND, Va. — We went to Virginia Commonwealth University, and hung out on the quad, and near a daycare center – where the young people are – to let their voices be heard.

Let’s hear what kids think about the 2016 election:

Harris:I can’t wait until we go back to the cold reality of, ‘Oh, yeah, I should have known that candidate I voted for was owned by banks.'”

Harris, 18, VCU.
Harris, 18, VCU.

Tiffany:I think the presidency is important because we have so many important issues right now. Like, can you believe the iPhone 7 doesn’t have an earphone jack?”

Tiffany, 21, is not as conscientious as she looks.
Tiffany, 21, is not as conscientious as she looks.

Matt: “I think it’s time for Trump to get serious, and talk about the issues that matter, like can you believe I haven’t played my Wii U in over a year? What did we even win after World War II? Thanks for nothing, Hirohito!”

Matt - college guy
Matt, 20, VCU.

Jaydien:The two-party system is really just two sides of the same coin. It doesn’t matter which way you toss that coin. Whether it’s heads or tails, the people lose. I would be very concerned for the future of this country, if I wasn’t a baby.”

Babies are stupid.
Jaydien, 1. Daycare near VCU. Babies are stupid.

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Ever notice that 9-11 patriots say Never Forget, & they also never forgave ’cause Iraq & Afghanistan (oil & opuim). And then along comes Anonymess w/ their Never Forgive, Never Forget mantra. It’s annoying on all the 9-11 anniversaries Americans act like they’re only ones who’ve been affected by terrorism … the irony being Amerikkka’s 70 years of imperialism (bad foreign policy)

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