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8Chan Founder Frederick Brennan cowers in fear after vicious doxing

INTERNET—Adrian Chen of Gawker reported, Monday, that Frederick Brennan, who suffers from a malfunctioning skeleton, was the mastermind responsible for providing GamerGate fans with safe harbors at infinitechan, or 8chan as it is also called. Chen is a well-known anti-misogynist doxer who once outed violentacrez, Reddit’s kingpin of legal jailbait and creepshot subreddits.

Brennan’s bones are so frail that they could break at the slightest touch, but Adrian Chen said that suffering man he called “deformed” was seen holding a bottle of vodka and riding through a strip club on the first anniversary of infinitechan. Much like Reddit’s subreddit feature, infinitechan allows any user to create and moderate their own subchan, combining the worst aspects of Reddit and 4chan into the world’s most misogynistic social media platform.

After reading Adrian Chen’s vicious dox, Rhonda Marten, feminist and human biodiversity expert, tweeted, “I’ll put that deformed paper bones out of misery. Comin for ya, little boy!” Brennan cancelled his upcoming motivational talk, considering the tweet and other undisclosed messages a credible threat on his life.

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