Anonymous strikes back against new Papa John’s Pizza website

The Papa John's Pizza portal site faces intermittent downtime as Anonymous attacks escalate.
The Papa John’s Pizza portal site faces intermittent downtime as Anonymous attacks escalate.

INTERNET – When news leaked of a controversial nondisclosure agreement forbidding Papa John’s employees from discussing anything that isn’t work-related, the mainstream hacker collective calling itself Anonymous has stepped up to defend the free speech rights of all Papa John’s employees by orchestrating a series of DDoS attacks and SQL-injections against the Papa John’s website.

The site has gone offline and come back several times throughout the day, signaling a call-and-response between Papa John’s elite group of cyber warriors and the rebel group Anonymous.

An anonymous employee, who asked not to be named out of fear of losing his job, said the gag order prevents him from discussing his work conditions outside of work.

“You can’t talk about the nondisclosure agreement without violating the nondisclosure agreement,” the employee said, “so you will get fired if they found out you talked about it.”

He said the agreement signifies a larger band of paranoia running through the usually stoned and placid pizza industry: a fear of unionized labor.

“The rules were always in place but they didn’t start enforcing them until some of us started talking about a worker’s union like they were trying to do over at McDonald’s.”

IRC chatlogs show online pizza orders placed by members of Anonymous to one of “Papa’s” many houses. The act of ordering unsolicited pizzas, Chinese take-out and other delivery is known colloquially to the group as “pizza-bombing.” This militant act of gastronomical aggression, combined with a cybcerattack on “Papa’s” website is only just the beginning, says the mainstream hacker collective group.

Here is the site currently under attack:

Papa John did not respond to numerous, repeated requests for comment. His public relations department did, however, refer The Internet Chronicle to a section of the nondisclosure agreement that shows they are not permitted to talk about the nondisclosure agreement. That staff, we later learned, have been fired and are currently unemployed.

By Hatesec

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Stick to serious bizness only fgt i.e. Snowden, NSA, whistleblowers, and what passes for democracy in that exceptional shit hole you live in called Amerika and leave this stuff to the fishfag … but I would appreciate some decent HATE radio. Js.
Ps-Finally received my invite for encrypted email, so give me a week or two to set it up. Working several jobs lately. And tbh the only story on the interwebz that has my attention these days is Dread Pirate Roberts and those corrupt theiving pigs who stole the bitcoins. I liked the story on your other website about the old man arrested for feeding the poor..Did you fix that site

At least you didn’t make a spelling mistake too on top of this **cough, cough** crap. **lays out some rails of TerrorMax**

Hahaha…You Mr Hatesec, are genius…your writing distracted me enough to make me watch an entire online video & I actually enjoyed it….you sir are a marketing specialist with a minor in hypnotism….thanks a million, I’m off for pizza

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