Clever headline

Detroit– Something relatively interesting happened Sunday when a guy did a thing somewhere.

The video went viral after some people upvoted it to the frontpage of reddit and then someone activated an adsense account. After accumulating hundreds of dollars, the creator of the video registered an account at café press and now nobody wants anything to do with it. At all.

The video was later auto-tuned, selling millions on iTunes because people still think paying for fake music is justifiable – or any music for that matter. It is not. Information of all forms is now free at and you don’t even need an account there. Just download it. You can even look at free internet porn while you download better high-production quality porn. Paying for anything that doesn’t physically have sex with you or drive you to the grocery store is just charity. This is 2012.

In the wake of success, the people that did that interesting thing which later became a viral video have already been forgotten, and can be found doing drugs in their apartment, which they share, on the outskirts of town.

“It’s just far enough out where you can’t walk anywhere,” lamented a local resident who asked not to be named because s/he does not really exist. “We just drive everywhere. Hell, son, this is Detroit. Take the bus.”

Neither men were able to pay the rent with iTunes sales and t-shirts. After receiving no emails to appear on daytime TV, the video creators later forgot who they were during an intense, ego-dissolving LSD experience in which all things became one, subjectively, and everything was determined to equal nothing. One of the men sank into a vegetative state. His roommate, in the throes of despair, no longer turns his head to look in the room as he walks down the hall. “I am just sick of seeing him in there,” he told reporters, “But at least disability pays the rent. You guys want a beer?”

The video can be found online.