Neck/b/eard city

Want to find the internet’s most engorged and cancerous tumor? Look no further than /b/, a virtual city of basement dwelling neckbeards who post images of my little ponies and child porn.

Constantly seeking out newfags, /b/ has all sorts of gay inside jokes. Posting a picture of milhouse from the Simpsons or messing up a shitty little piece of triforce ascii art is the height of humor on /b/. Any inside joke to ostracize newfags gives the oldfags raging boners.

When the oldfag circlejerks really get raging, the forum shifts into transexual mode – signalling a collective orgasm. Truly, the oldfags are the purest of closetfags, too emotionally suppressed to ejaculate to anything but images of male genitalia on female bodies.

Oh, another thread about how superman would beat Goku? Oh, I get it – superman supporters are trolling. Another thread about ponies, boxxy, or milhouse? Trolling. When you see it you will shit brix? LOL newfag, there’s nothing there and you just got trolled.

Except it’s not trolling. Everyone knows what’s going on and all the true newfags instantly figure out all the transparent inside jokes. The “newfags” who fall for these jokes are just getting off on trolling oldfags. /b/ can’t stop suckling on its own flaccid cock.



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  • mr. po po

    Dudebro don’t b hating on the neckbeards kay. The object(s) of their desire(s) arise from wide,deep,and usually old traumas dating back to infancy. Libidinal cathexis is a harsh taskmaster and almost never pleasant to witness. Besides, auto-fellatio requires serious commitment to perfect. Don’t cross the shitline captain shitacular or you’ll find yourself in the eye of a shitcane.

  • This site is I’m sure in @th3j35t3r the child molesters favorites I know he had a lot of child porn booked marked on his computer when he was in the military. He was especially popular in the child porn ring. Particularly the man loves boys ring. He try to humiliate me with Anonymous on something I wrote on in 1998 in open forms and on my facebook, myspace and other sites I even have it on his little site too. I know he reads every and anything wrote about him on the internet, most times in less then a hour. So I’ll say this to the old child molester, you are a power control freak, most child molesters are. When you see posts about you, good or bad, you react or behave in a irrational way, typically because of the effects of extreme emotion, mental illness. You thoughts are transparent to everyone. Keep making new profiles all over the internet and commenting on comments to yourself if that makes you feel good about yourself. Here is a pic of him (Dave) enjoy

  • Anonymous

    I DON’T EVEN….

  • mute

    ppl still go 2 /b/?

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