Giorgio Tsoukalos Dead at age 34

I'm not saying he's dead...

[pullquote]“I devour the Universe and its essence!” ~ Giorgio Tsoukalos[/pullquote]Athens– Fans mourn the loss of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the Ancient Alien Theorist better known by his Ancient Annunaki name, ‘Γεώργιος Α. Τσούκαλος,’ who died early Saturday morning at his home in Athens.

Tsoukalos was pronounced dead at 2:42 a.m. GST. Cause of death was listed as “Multiple grievous wounds,” He was 34.

No foul play was suspected in his death. Tsoukalos is survived by seven ex-wives and twelve children.

Because no will was entered into the public record, Tsoukalos’ charity for the development of a space elevator will dissolve.

The Tsoukalos Estate, a multi-trillion dollar international religion, is to be turned over to his next of kin.

Giorgio Tsoukalos rose as a leader in the US government’s top-secret Project Blue Beam, which plans to ensnare the entire world in a new space cult founded on Ancient Alien Theories. The Ancient Alien TV show recently came under fire after documents Anonymous revealed from Stratfor showed that the History Channel was paid directly from the Bohemian Grove Trust Fund in exchange for more Ancient Aliens. Ancient Alien Theorist Theorists now believe Giorgio Tsoukalos will become the leader of a new world religion which will dominate earth after HAARP fires off a worldwide auroral light show on December 21, 2012. This date, of course, was chosen by the government because of its mystical significance to Native Americans and television addicts.

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  • Ricardo

    Is this true. I had recently left him a message on facebook and got no response. Can you tell me when and how it happened because I have a big story to share.

  • KTHY


  • John R Cruz

    Giorgio did nothing more than entertain already existing ideas
    floating in hundreds of human minds. He has awakened and provided hope and imagination in the isolated minds of those who have grown tired of todays world
    torments. Thank you for bringing back some lost passion in my life.


    wow all this hatered and smarts in one. first off I don’t like Giorgio ok but that isn’t either here or there. his vocals on aliens as an answer to all things unexplained in history is just ignorance. he is a very good spin doctor and a very wealthy person to be able to do his spin. now if he is dead ok if he is alive ok just don’t lose sight that he just speaks to trick all into believing in what he wants you to believe in to make cash. his hair isn’t anything more than another circus attraction to bring you to himm

  • Rebekah

    Nay, nay, I say. Hairdog (that’s what we call him) and I are meeting up at Puma Punku next week. It takes me a long time to get his hair that way.

  • Angie Bates

    Thats stupid

  • Kim

    FEAR is powerful; relax open your fearful mind.

  • Kim

    well, it seems that a lot of people will believe myths written by MAN who’s story are not first hand account but dismiss a plausible idea so reverently. Go figure? Before I was exposed to thi ancient alien stuff I already thought that the alien idea was so much more realistic that religious myth. Hey we can believe what we want to, that don’t mKe it so.

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