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Chronicle Editor Frank Mason trolled by Sabu?

MotorMouth’s bounty hunter story – was it spun out of control by the madness of Sabu and his FBI caretakers?

In a highly charged article by Frank Mason, executive editor for the Internet Chronicle, questions were raised about an Anonymous “moralfag” known as MotorMouth, who runs the MotorMouthNews twitter feed. MotorMouth might be described as one of many leaders within Anonymous, but he considers himself more of an educator. His self-styled role in Anonymous is purportedly to keep new members in line with the principles of freedom of press, freedom of religion, and freedom of information.

In Frank Mason’s article, MotorMouth is depicted as a “bounty hunter.” While MotorMouth has confirmed that the pastebin referenced in Mason’s article was legitimate, he says the statements were taken out of context. “I said I was a bounty hunter as a part of an experiment to see how [Jamie Corne] would react. And she took the bait,” MotorMouth stated.

This disinformation campaign against MotorMouth allegedly started over MotorMouth’s refusal to support the Stratfor hack. MotorMouth suggests that the smear campaign against him might have even been Sabu’s idea.

While this is all very interesting, this cyberwar bullshit must be taken with a grain of salt. In the heavily edited words of Frank Mason: “So remember anons, if you see this man[/woman/ANYONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE FROM ANONYMOUS], do not divulge information to him[/her]. He[/she] could be a bounty hunter hooking up crooked cops, so better safe than sorry. Like we used to say back in the World War II days: ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships!'”

In the post Sabu era, this is more true than ever.

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As long as this all comes down to trolling Jamie Jo Porn, I am A-Okay with it. But Google Searches don’t lie. This individual likes to dress up like a superhero and frolic around in public (I can verify this, using names but I won’t do that here) – maybe even at Occupy circlejerks.

Conversely, Sabu has very little to do with the Occupy movement and really no reason to go after Motormouth News Twitter account holder.

Moreover, there is no disinformation campaign at play here which I didn’t start myself. If this is meant to be some indication that Sabu inserted thoughts into my consciousness, then I just don’t know what to say to that. I guess, nothing, except to say Sabu had nothing to do with this and bringing him into it is one HELL of a cop-out on behalf of your source. Wait, who was your source again? Oh that’s right. MotorMouth News.

Keep on diggin’

Well, Sabu was definitely at Occupy as he left his name in the chalk at the sidewalk. He was also a New Yorker, so this makes sense.

If you wanna go after someone just for dressing up as a super hero, well, we all know that’s only socially acceptable on Halloween. I’d dress up as a stormtrooper banjo superhero but the police have informed me it’s a felony in Virginia.

Sabu and Barrett Brown had an axe to grind with MotorMouth and CabinCrew in general, and there are logs which show this clearly.

All the same, showing up at an Occupy is as easy as walking outside – especially the NYC Occupy when he already lives there. If that really happened, it was a weak opportunity to attach his name to something bigger than himself like we do here at, which is why we are becoming very very rich.

So I guess Sabu writing his name in chalk on the sidewalk means OccuMouth News is solid and I should give him my bank account number and street address.

Jeeze/xenu geofaghag is into farm animals, why am I not surprised or is it that weirdo who calls the radio show all the time to talk about Mit Romney’s penis?!?

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