Giorgio Tsoukalos Dead at age 34

“I devour the Universe and its essence!” ~ Giorgio Tsoukalos

I'm not saying he's dead...

[pullquote]”I devour the Universe and its essence!” ~ Giorgio Tsoukalos[/pullquote]Athens– Fans mourn the loss of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the Ancient Alien Theorist better known by his Ancient Annunaki name, ‘Γεώργιος Α. Τσούκαλος,’ who died early Saturday morning at his home in Athens.

Tsoukalos was pronounced dead at 2:42 a.m. GST. Cause of death was listed as “Multiple grievous wounds,” He was 34.

No foul play was suspected in his death. Tsoukalos is survived by seven ex-wives and twelve children.

Because no will was entered into the public record, Tsoukalos’ charity for the development of a space elevator will dissolve.

The Tsoukalos Estate, a multi-trillion dollar international religion, is to be turned over to his next of kin.

Giorgio Tsoukalos rose as a leader in the US government’s top-secret Project Blue Beam, which plans to ensnare the entire world in a new space cult founded on Ancient Alien Theories. The Ancient Alien TV show recently came under fire after documents Anonymous revealed from Stratfor showed that the History Channel was paid directly from the Bohemian Grove Trust Fund in exchange for more Ancient Aliens. Ancient Alien Theorist Theorists now believe Giorgio Tsoukalos will become the leader of a new world religion which will dominate earth after HAARP fires off a worldwide auroral light show on December 21, 2012. This date, of course, was chosen by the government because of its mystical significance to Native Americans and television addicts.

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Wow such non-intelligence, a question was asked “Is Giorgio Tsoukalos dead? All I have read here is people fighting with each other over BS stuff. No wonder Aliens do not want to inter-mingle and communicate live with us, such IDIOTS, and who are the IDIOTS, Humans as evidenced in these posts. They cannot even stick to the subject. All Humans do is hate each other, fight each other, kill animals for fun, pollute their planet, dump their garbage anywhere, tear down trees that give oxygen. AND ALIENS, well, wonder why you will never get to talk to one. Because you cannot even function and communicate properly to your own species, so how you going to try with another. Man, I am OUT OF HERE. I just wanted to know if in fact Giorgio T is Dead or not.

you people who believe in aliens are so duped dont you know that gods word says that satan apears as an angle of light and so do his messengers , you are being manipulated by satan

Got a little cognitive dissonance going on there Steve. You don’t remember the moments before your birth? Not awake I would assume. Good luck with your fake god story ha ha ha.

you will find out if there is a god when you die
then it will be to late
you only get one chance not two

i agree, i get so peeved when the bible is misquoted on national tv, and then i cannot seem to challenge on this manipulation. leaving them a message eludes me.

An Angle? No wonder I’ve never met him. Damn Angles could be anywhere. But you can never find one when you need one!

I couldn’t agree more! People always ask me, if aliens exist, why don’t the announce themselves. My response is ‘when was the last tome you knelt down in front of an ant hill and shouted ‘hello?’ We as humans, even in this day of so-called civillised society, with all our technology, are the biggest bunch of dumbasses ever! And yeah, I think we should go to space and stuff but why spent triilions of dosh searching for ONE MOLECULE OF LIFE on another planet when we live on this ball of absolutely bloody fantastic teeming-with-life-planet. Yeah, go to space by all means but make sure we look after our own abundant planet first! Soz hun, got waffling. So what did he die of then? Maybe he got too close to finding something out and was got rid of.

We have replanted hundreds of trees for each cut down. The world is greener than you think. Not perfect but the earth has a way of healing itself!

Mary you are incorrect. Who is “We”? How can hundreds grow next to each other? OMG. Greener? How about “Psycho” than you think. Or maybe it’s because you don’t think Mary. Not perfect, make me puke. Sheeple to the max, yet I commend your positive thinking. You got me on that one. I work in the trees every day and every year less and less, smaller and smaller trees.You must work in an office building. What if I told you Sasquatch exists?

I worked with NASA and they realized after extensive studies that we have replanted what we cut down. You don’t have to be derogatory just read more than you speak and listen.

I want to know the same thing is he dead? I don’t see him being dead anywhere but here. This a mindfuck of Fuckery yes your right aliens think humans are a curious bunch of idiots with the exception of the person who I’m replying to some others.

I have experienced an alien encounter in North California on 114 acres! August 1989 I and my girlfriend were in our tent reading! It was a clear night and zero wind or breeze! At 10:50 pm! The trees moved like a wind blowing through. I got out of my tent to see what made the trees move! I looked around and as I was about to walk back to the tent! Something caught the corner of my left eye! In a fraction of a second! A UFO was directly above me! I was paralyzed! I could speak and my girlfriend was paralyzed and freaked out! Then a light green color beam shot down and I was in the middle of the beam! Girlfriend asked what that green thing is! Couple seconds later! 3 aliens showed up in front of me! They had long white hair! Eyes like the grays but larger! They had pointed teeth! There skin was the color of chalk! They looked extremely scary! Demonic looking! They wore black shiny uniforms! They communicate by mental telepathy! The one in front of me said no harm you! That’s the last thing I remember! I don’t know how I got back in to my tent and in my sleeping bag! Knowing how they looked? Most people would have had a heart attack or fainted! They were scarier than scary! I had to stay calm and not show fear or be afraid. I still see there faces today! You never forget!?

If he is dead, why are they still advertising his appearancew at the 2018 Alien-Con in Pasadena, California?

He is not dead! We went to Alien Con in pasadena and got autographs and photographs with them. This article is shit!!

This article is hilarious. It’s possible he is dead inside? Or perhaps an alien wearing his skin like a coat? (Just sayin)

Cause of death definately sounds like he was beaten to death. “Authorities” say no foul play. ?

NO MY FRIEND’….APPARENTLY YOU, SIR…ARE THE F U C K IN G ‘JERK OFF’ (so why don’t you just get back to what you obviously know best’

Could you be my roommate from MSU those decades ago? If so, let me know!

Small world indeed, don’t you think, blue eyes and muscles from Flint— was it a blink of a mere half century ago, those Halcyon days??!

ED K (or is it “Headley”!??0

I too have seen large “silver” sphere, twice, inches from my face. Not really silver adaptive camouflage, like “Predator”. Never seen much info on these

My husband and I also saw a silver sphere, like a BB in the sky!! It was sitting there, in the sky, next to a cloud, I mean, RIGHT on the edge of the cloud, like it was hiding. It sat there for a few minutes! I tried to take a pic with THREE different cameras!! The 2 binoular cams had dead batteries. The Canon digital would not focus on it. All I got was a white blurry dot, with my 300 zoom lens!! We could see it clearly with our eyes, but none of the cameras could focus on it. It begain to move slowly, half way across the sky, made a move like the Nike swoosh and disappeared!!! Behind it, was a SECOND silver sphere!! It ALSO did the “Nike” swoosh and disappeared!! We were gobsmacked!! I reported it to NV MUFON. Never heard anything back. BUT, there was a story from someone else who had seen a sphere in our area.

Well, Steve; we all have truths. Are mine the same as yours…..? No! Doesn’t make them any less valid.

U seem to be an athiest or something….you got real offensive at the mention of GOD IS THE ANSWER… But sorry to burst ur bubble, but……GOD IS DEFINETLY THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve just browsing & saw your comment. Just to let you know that I have 52 images from manifestation to dissipation of proof that Jesus is real, is here & is watching. On June 9th,2020 I captured an amazing event I never thought would occur in my lifetime right above my home in Dover, Arkansas right above my home between 8 & 8:30 pm. For real in real time. I wished I could share it with you & the world. But since I’m computer or social media illiterate, I don’t know how. Maybe that’s why Jesus allowed me to be a witness of his appearance. Don’t have a clouded mind. Wished I could show you this Proof. Seriously:)

Awesome report…..
I hope they combed his hair, better yet, I hope they shaved his head…
this guy is F’d up….

MAN IF This was only true! All liars, and scam artists like this asshole should be not be wasting the air we breath. ALL his cronies should be shot for the bullshit they have lied to people about for decades.

Call me or text me @(740)579-6768. I’m Morgan, 21 year old horny little girl;) I’m 5’2″ and 111lbs. Can u hold me up in your arms so I can ride the pony;)?


I’ve seen older sci fi shows, where he was a guest, and his hair was normal. He is cute with his hair down. I don’t know why he does that to it now.

@ Jackal (Or should I say, Jackass)

Your type make me sick, wishing death to those who don’t share your pinhead views. I have no doubt you are the same kind of dick that think you are the only intelligent life in the universe! I got news for you, you are not even the most intelligent life in your urine stained underwear, the microbes crawling on your ass have more smarts than you! You are a pathetic piece of $H!T.

There are those who get out and look for knowledge and there are those sitting on their ass thinking that they already know it all.

Too true my friend, I don’t think there is a word in the English language that can accurately describe that insignificant diseased amoeba of an air breather. I just hope he doesn’t reproduce. Respect draconos

Nice 1 ? I agree full heartedly, ignorant dumbass! But that goes for probably 80% of earth’s population, he probably believes in jesus or some other shite!! ? ?

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understand.” It is so easy to be overcome by fame and mislead by powerful equally confused searchers of knowledge, He was a good man hungry for knowledge. May his memory be eternal. MEMORY ETERNAL [3X]

Gezzz people get off your key board and live life in others words do something besides waste your time and mine in type key strokes etc your option is something you should keep to your self or express in person only live is ticking away what will you leave behind key strokes I say no do something this Watse of my time bought to you by Tom mason in Ky

ignorance is a choice, you should be banned from writing on the internet. You show no respect towards the human factor. Perhaps you are a victim of an inferiority complex. At least change the name of your newsletter “An idiot’s chronicles”.

I love me some Giorgio but I miss half of what he’s saying because his hair always seems to be screaming, “Gio, get a mirror!” Where is the director, the producer, anyone? Can anyone not say to him, “Dude, you’re a good-looking guy. Did you make your hair do that on purpose?”

Of course, if they wanted their presence known, they’d have landed a ship on the Chrysler building.

to hula,

his hair are the aliens. Upon Giorgios untimely death, they will search for another innocent victim.

his death saddens me greatly and the world has suffered a timeless loss. also, the jackal is the one who should be stood up and shot.

The guy was and is a douche. He made a little money by making huge assumptions leaving out accepted known science based history and archaeology. The only reason you and I researched this crackpot is because (1) his crazy theories (2) his jacked up hair. I wish no one death but I wish he would spend more time on his research than trying to turn lead into gold. (That is a metaphor which means look for truth instead of scams and quackery)

What makes you guys think we are ALONE? The multiverse must be teeming with different lifeforms; some not as WE know it.

Give the dude some credit for his daring imagination coupled with science’s shortfalls I think he shouldn’t be dismissed as a crackpot!!!!!

Ilove Ggiougio Tsoukalos for years now , me and my husband both.He is highly intelligent and a Master in teaching , explains very well and mesmerizing in his style to convey his messages.

I went to the public library today and for sometime now wanted to learn more about him such as his books , writings and age but get sidetracked. I could not believe he is dead. I was sobbing whe I left the library .

Is it really true ? I hope this is just a dream or maybe i am in parallel universe.

Everytime a good guy comes around , there gone. Acient Aliens is the greatest show on TV along with his colleagues especially ERICK VON Danikien.

THIS IS A BOGUS WEBSITE. He is NOT dead! I can’t believe how lame and stupid people are to put up such mindless drivel thinking it will make them feel cool and significant! It’s probably some 45 year old morbidly obese balding freak who still lives with his mother in a hoarders nightmare of a house with 150+ cats who picks his nose and eats it!

Such hatred. Satire is not lying, it’s satire. People with no sense of humor are not trustworthy. Never trust someone who cannot recognize nuance or crack a smile at obvious harmless jokes.

Are you people serious? His great teachings?
The guy barely graduated college as a sports writer and no he’s not dead you bunch of morons. It’s called satirical writing. A ruse. The writer wrote this to see how many morans he could get on his bus before he pushed it off the cliff. Drink the kool aid, go ahead its really ok. Lol

I know, huh? The article is clearly dripping with “Not really” hints. Someone 12 days ago said she was sobbing while leaving the library when she *found out*.


you call people morons and you don’t even know how to spell the word. it’s not moran… is MORON you fucking idiot.

The problem is that not everybody finds satire articles like these by being regular readers of the site, so it is not always obvious that it’s just a joke.

For example, I was curious about Giorgio’s accent, so I Googled him to find out where he is from, and one of the top results was this page, which Google showed little more than the title about his death.

Not everybody knows right away that the article is a joke and will assume it’s legitimate news (though I have seen enough of these—now hackneyed—sites that I assumed it was, especially since he has just recently created a new promo spot for the HC).

Yo. Dafuq. He ain’t dead.

He continues to direct, film and write alongside publishers, directors, authors, etc with regards to his passion. Stop making up shit…
12 kids? Marriage? What are you talking about.

To all the PEOPLE who wasted their time on anything about Tsoukolos, then don;t bother , I really hope that he is still alive . we need people like him who can has something to say other than believing OBAMA . This country who are so stupid deserve OBAMA. Don’t waste time E -mailing about ANCIENT ALIEN . You guys are all hopeless.

You are obviously another fucking idiot…not from America. Rant somewhere else about President Barack Obama. Incidently, I voted for him and I believe in him to repair the damage that Bush created. If you don’t like the President of the United States, then you can fuckin leave this country and live somewhere else…and good luck. Meanwhile, go suck an egg.

The Annunaki killed him for his Golden Balls . They needed them to save Nibiru. Duh. (1.77% more accurate than anything said on Ancient Aliens.Fact.)

Very Sorry to hear about his passing! God Bless His Soul and His Family.
He had much to offer to all people who are capable of thinking! ‘Thinking’ leads to answers regarding the unknown. For those of you out there who denigrate another’s (i.e., Giorgio) desire to enlighten us about subjects that we know little or nothing about, shame on you for rejecting knowledge.
If we had never had ‘thinkers’, we would not presently have fire, electricity, light, the wheel, the automobile, purified water, safe brain and other surgery, high integrity, space travel and exploration, laws that help us control unlawful society, and, the list goes on, and on, and on, and on.
Thank all theorists for their offerings in general, and thanks to Giorgio, in particular, for offering us the basics for understanding that aliens might have visited us in the distant and recent past.
I have had eight long-term assignments in eight diverse countries, and have worked and visited 32 other countries. I have met and studied with hundreds of intellectuals and private citizens from those nations; many have hypothesized special thoughts and proof about hundreds of subjects.
We need to continue to find out the answers to the unknown, lest we lose our quest for improving our lives and the lives of our children, extended family, and friends here in America and around the world.
Thank you, Giorgio, for bringing to us so many possibilities about our past, about our present, and about our future.
Sorry to lose you as an incredible teacher and presenter. God Bless You!
Best wishes to all who keep an open mind and purse the unknown, and best wishes to all who refute open-mindedness!@
Thank you.

You sure are one stupid motherfucker. I’ll bet you are a doctor. You’re such an intellectual but you’re too stupid to figure out this is a joke? do you really think he has a multi-trillion dollar estate? you are a stupid fuck and should shoot yourself in the head because you are a disgrace to the human race. Dumb cunts like you are what is wrong with society.


You have fuckin issues, you homophobic, narrow minded, mental midget. Either you are young, stupid or both. Your stupidity eludes brilliant minds that care to exchange advanced ideas and theories….so do all of us a favor and shut the hell up and watch the cartoon network where you belong, you dumb ass.

I just saw Giorgio Tsoukalos last weekend and today is Nov 1st 2013. He is a brilliant man who loves knowledge and Philosophy and most important, he loves the human race. For anyone to say he is stupid or ignorant is stupid and ignorant because they don’t believe what he believe’s. The man speaks 6 language’s and graduated top of his class at Ithaca College. People these days love to throw around the word “genius” way too much, I will be guilty of it right now and say he is a genius and should be respected as one. I truly feel sorry for anyone who is so unhappy with themselves that they have to slander anyone they can at any time. Lets all try and find the good things in our fellow humans and it will make us feel better about everything.

me and my partner both think this guy rocks the knowledge! Giorgio, me and lee believe in your work. We believe you know exactly what is going on out there in the universe. We believe in you. Thank you for sharing your perspective with us, and we watch you on t.v. all the time.

Giorgio, Seriously needs to open a school that teaches Ancient Astronaut Theory! Lets Promote this idea and maybe we can someday be saying “IM HERE” when they call roll at the beginning of class at the SCHOOL! LETS DO IT! P.S. Im a rapper. Check me out here >>>

Hey anonymous, follow this logic: Your posts seem to be trying to start flame wars on this site. Not only does that make you a troll, it also makes you a flamer. So, you’re a trolling flamer who has no room to call someone a dyke because you’re wayyy more gay than the person you were attempting to insult.

Conclusion: Shut up, faggot.

Es una lastima que personajes tan importantes tengan que sufrir los males en el plano terrenal como el ninguno no sabia la noticia es una lastima espero se encuentre en un mejor lugar o haya encontrado todas las repuestas que tenia

Es una lastima que personajes importantes tengan que sufrir los males terrenales es una y lastima que se haya ido espero este en un lugar mejor a encontrar respuestas a todas las preguntas que tenia


Am currently watching an episode of Ancient Aliens. Through the years I have found Georgio to be a passionate advocate to his theories. If someone 100 years ago was told we will have people walking on the moon, you would have been branded a heritic. I do not fully accept his vision, nor do I reject it. In this universe, all things are possible. He is not dead. This sick parody is not warranted and the author (tongue in cheek) should be ashamed. I spent 30 years in the U S Marine Corps, hence I spent much time ar sea. I spent most every evening on deck at the bow gazing at the ocean and sky for hours. I did see some strange stuff. I also was afforded the opportunity to visit over 30 countries and learned alot about ancient beliefs, mores and norms. It was an exciting time. I still star gaze with some nice scopes my dear wife gave me for my birthday. Am 63 now, and can still kick some ass. A Marine never forgets his motto: Semper Fidelis (always faithful) forever. Georgio…..keep doin the do.

His hair is wonderful. He was born in Greece, raised and educated in Switzerland, then onto America, I believe, to further his education. Hence, the strange accent. But his English is impeccable.

WOW!!! where do you get your facts? He is of Greek heritage, born in Lucerne, Switzerland and educated at Ithaca in NY, USA.. And for the rest, he is obviously still alive.

I know this because I just saw him buying 45 bottles of conditioner and 1 small bottle of shampoo. He was in my check out line at kmart and guys, I’m pretty smart, like mostly the smartest guy at my kmart except for maybe Darren but Darren is like smart but short and he likes monster energy drinks and I always tell him that rockstar is way more gooder and also when I saw Giorgio buying his hair care products I was like Darren is a dummy who thinks monster is better but he’s short and monster will not even make him grow tall into a giant monster and I like rock star because it’s made for rockstars like Bono and Fred durst and they are cool and everyone at my kmart likes Durst more than Darren and Durst has only been working here at Kmart for like 4 months and also I’m all about yolo and yolo means if Durst would do it then I will too and Durst will too as well also and Giorgio likes rockstars more better as well too because of his hair and he said rockstar drinks are too legit bc they are too legit to quit but then Durst didn’t hear him real good like and thought he told Durst to quit so he started to break stuff and tried to quit but I told him it was ok so we just blamed Darren and said those monster drinks turned him into a monster bc he drank like 3 of them in one or two minutes and so then Darren got fired and Giorgio was all like wtf and left and also forgot his shampoo bottle as well also in addition too.

It is a shame that we cannot have a rational, intelligent discussion because several of you have vocabulary skills that are so limited that you must resort to gutter words to present your points of view.
9 •Reply•

Oh my What a disappointment . I was and am still such a fan. But one thing is for certain, Giorgio is no longer searching for answers, for they are answered in death.
but for those if you to call him names?! shame on you! just because someone may be a little different than you does not make you better.

I just searched the Net for Giorgid and so confuse… I have some amazing photos I have to share… I just have to show somebody what I have it will sock the planet….

Lucy, you can show us. Use the link “Say more using images by clicking here.” It is underneath the “Post Comment” button

J tried to email Alan Alford this link to a video of an American grandfather moving and raising 10 ton blocks by himself with the simplest of technology, may be of interest. My email came back undelivered and there was a Google link with Giorgio saying Alan had died in 2011 aged 49. So I emailed the Legendary Times and the email came back undelivered and there the above article saying Giorgio had died.

‘Multiple grievous wounds’ …’no foul play suspected’ …yes right…and I’m the queen of England. Wake up people…Georgia was taken out cause he was too close

I wish people would wake up. Yes there are aliens. We are aliens. N the things you see in the sky. Like balls of light. THATS ANGELS. THE SPACE SHIPS. YOU SHE. THAT THE GOVERMENT PLAYING WITH TECHNO. IF YOU WANT TO CHAT. HIT ME UP

yeah,with you would love to chat. seems im about 5 years behind the posts,but YOU are the only one that happens to have the right take on these theories. And if im not waaaaayyyyy out of the time frame, I am able to back up what I have to say .do have info to toss at you, seeing you are the only one that sees the facts about “aliens” ufo’s are real………aliens are not .

I want to dip my balls in it. Cause its all BULLSHIT. Hes not dead. Its a publicity stunt. Have you taken a good look at this guy. He keeps his hair in a way to pay homage to ienstiene. (. : he wears make up. N he is alway trying to ( figuretiy paint a picture ) that just dosentake sense. Acient Aliens. Its a good subject. N i realy feel that there is something to it. But you cant just go on TV n talk BULLSHIT JUST TO GET RATEINGS. Thats not going to fly with people who have brains. They are realy. Pissing all over a chance to realy get it right. But THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. WINS AGAIN. WHAT A FUCKING WAIST OF A CHANCE TO REALY RIP THE LID OFF OF YEARS N YEARS OF COVER UPS. A FUCKING SHAME……..MK

Can anyone explain this? Georgio has made the fake study of extraterrestrials his life’s work, yet he cannot pronounce the word extraterrestrial — I mean, WTF? He says something like “Eshtra-tresh-Trull” — I wrote a very interesting story about him on my blog. Seems Giorgio is spending a lot of the money he makes on fixing his face and hair — I hope you read it.

well, it seems that a lot of people will believe myths written by MAN who’s story are not first hand account but dismiss a plausible idea so reverently. Go figure? Before I was exposed to thi ancient alien stuff I already thought that the alien idea was so much more realistic that religious myth. Hey we can believe what we want to, that don’t mKe it so.

For all of you talking about Giorgio Tsoukalos, I’m pretty sure he thanks you and is astronomically overwhelmed and flattered of how many of you that he has touched in one way or several others to keep a conversation that is going nowhere, because everyone has a different opinion about his and BASICALLY your owns of “the unknown, that should never be explored.. and what if”. My constituents please, we talk about his hair, his tan, his “Wolverine” style, his contributions, his opinion (which it seems as if some of you share, but too egotistic or scared to say it.) on his facts and THEORIES!! Several times if not all in the Ancient Alien series that I find is fascinating and informative, he has several guests which are Astrophysics, UFOlogist(never knew that there was a major in ever.)etc. so on and so forth.. are theorist. He uses words like.. Ideas, opinion, “if this is to be true”, imagine if, and according to ancient beliefs. He’s not stating if it’s fact or fiction. He’s letting us decide.
Now, some of you are reading this and saying something or thinking like “F**that b****! what do she know” or something along those words, if not lines. It’s my opinion and my beliefs of what I just wrote to all that is reading. Now, give your vulgar, mean, kind, intelligent, and constructive criticism that you are just itching to respond too. I wouldn’t suspect anything else from you.

just a thought: We are all searching for something in life to answer are questions that boggles the mind. If you ever noticed that Earth is in the Constellation, we are Aliens too.

I just seen Elvis and George Tsoukalos swapping hair tips, then Albert Einstein come out of a space ship and and I just new then that hew is really Georges Father, I mean look at the hair? Gotta be right! Right?

I wonder if Tsouklas knows how much he is a fool he is? Has anyone seen what the Smithsonian Institute think of him and ancient aliens, lol.

The History channel should no longer be allowed to call itself such, it should be renamed Fantasy TV! Pathetic and woeful.

Dear muse if you havent heard the ancient aliens theory has already been debunkt!

It proves the complete nonsense of the show and its hosts and its claims.

Suggest you take a look at it watch it all and then you may indeed see what the rest of us see. Mine=d you this is a full movie (you want find it on history channel though)lol.,d.dGY

I miss him so much !! He was killed by the men in black. They had warned him to stop his TV shows, but it was his life’s passion. That and the sight of my perfect naked body. I miss spraying my muse into his hair each morning ! Since we had just gotten back from America where we were married on Fire Island, I will be inheriting his million billion dollar estate. I will ship his 12 children off to a catholic orphanage where they will likely be sold into a life of painful slavery. So all will work out fine. Goodbye my lover man.

To all of you with your nasty remarks: the man is dead. Please try to be a little kinder for his families sake. After suffering from his death they now have to listen to bullshit like yours? Put your crap back in your mouth nobody cares to hear it, especially his family and his innocent children who have nothing to do with it. Remarks about his hair, SERIOUSLY? Your ragging about his hair? My god your ignorant and shouldn’t be allowed access to the internet. Get off the computer, move out of your parent’s basement and get a job. Obviously you don’t have a job if you have time to sit and produce crap like this. Your comments take no brains to spew out. Good luck with your future losers lol, real loud.

He’s not dead you fucknut! The article is satire designed to ridicule the preposterous arsehole.

He was in his own mind close to the truth. I tried to send infor
nation to him and never read before of him, but this program Ancients Allien. If you all buy Ashtar Command you will that this face is in The Mayan Turtle. Will find all kinds of information in this book. Plus read about Commander KORTON which I know his Voice and his heart full of love towards his fellow Earthlings

I love to watch Ancient Aliens…don’t know if it’s all true but it makes me THINK about the possibility & the world’s history…& that is what’s cool to me. No matter the side you’re on, you have to give it to these guys for being extremely smart & well studied! They know every detail about civilizations, religions, history in general…& it’s fascinating they know and keep all of it straight…lol. I “think” alot of it is “probably” true…but who the hell knows for sure? I just know the possibility of it being true is fascinating!!! As for the “he’s dead” post…it was obvious from the first line that it was a joke, and I actually laughed out loud…as I did to several of the responding posts. It really is possible to have an open mind and a sense of humor at the same time! Just keep thinking people…and TRY to remember it takes all kinds to make the world go round. I would be bored out of my mind if everyone were just like me!


May 27, 2016 at 5:08 pm · Reply

I can only thank you, Ladybug, the first and only post I’ve seen so far, with the correct usage, spelling and punctuation, throughout your post. It always surprises me to see how some people have the time to waste, bad talking someone they have never even met. Get a life for God’s sake! Life is too short to waste by spewing nasty comments and hatred…How do you all sleep at night? I have already spent too much of my time today reading this garbage. So I bid you all farewell and wish you all the peace that comes with a little compassion and plain old-fashioned manners, that most people have mastered by their 5th birthday.

I think it is funnecessary that they say he is dead on March 24 2012 yet he was seen and photographed at comic con December 1 2012 and again at comic con the following year.

Who the fuck do you think you are?! Asshole! it’s not even the least bit amusing. as the saying goes-“Better to let people think you’re a stupid fuck than to open your mouth and prove it! Just goes to show your lack of intelligence-oh sorry, that’s too big of a word for you, you stupid fuck! The man lives in a house in Belair and you drive a broken down Chevette! He shits on you-Believe me! Great job, Georgio-Keep up the shows(plural). Love the new one too(In search of Aliens)Thanx again, Dude. And the dew is you all the way. Don’t change that. When ever we’re talking about the show, all I have to do is say “you know, the guy with the hair” and everybody knows who I’m talking about! Keep it going and say hello to Erick, Dave, Linda(yes, she a hottie!)and the rest of the group! Love em all! We will miss Phil badly! As for the writer(if you want to call him that)Fuck You!

1. Note the comments that suggest Tsoukalos is still alive. What are the factors that make it hard to believe he is dead? I think it’s pretty clear that he killed himself.
2. Going back some 2000 years, is the suggestion that Tsoukalos is still alive and has been seen similar to the resurrection of Jesus who was also seen after his death? (Not that Tsoukalos and Jesus are similar!)
3. Why is it necessary to use vulgar language to disagree with someone? Why do we call people who don’t agree with us “stupid fucks”? Why is it so hard to be civil?
4. People don’t seem to realize that a calm and reasoned response is always more persuasive than vituperation. Vulgar language suggests you are angry. Emotion in a response lessens its credibility.
5. I see all this ancient alien horseshit (“whoops!”) as similar to the “Intelligent Design” argument for God. If there is a mystery you can’t explain naturalistically because of your ignorance, you can always say an advanced species of extraterrestrials (or God) did it. (But there’s no reason for name-calling.)
6. I think there should be more publicizing of the scientific explanations as was done on PBS’s Nova presentation.
7. Just as there are still people who subscribe to the Moon Landing and 9-11 Conspiracies, I think no amount of evidence or argument will persuade the die-hards. I heard Tsoukalos say that the only way he would not believe the theory was if an extraterrestrial appeared to him and said “No, I did not do that!” That’s a pretty high bar!

I get so tired of being taken in by satire! I thought he was really dead! Geez! I deserve to be called a stupid fuck! (And I’m also gullible!)(Maybe I’m just too trusting?)

I was shocked when I saw the “death” announcement!!!! I had just watched his show on the Roswell Rock….got on the site to order one of the air plane artifacts he gave his guest. I am greatfull he is okay!!! 7 wives….????REALLY???? Hes Not that good lookin!!! But I am a fan and I do BELIEVE


I’m really sorry I ever started reading all these comments about giorgio. A man who is dead under awful circumstances. The hate that comes out about someone you have never met or known. There have been a lot of people who have had ideas that others thought were strange, but a lot of them turned out to advance the world tremendously. Give things a chance before ripping into them & learn about the subject so you don’t spout out idiotic statements as I’ve read here today. LET THE MAN REST IN PEACE!!!

Hey have 90% of you lost your minds I watch his shows every week! He looks healthy and happy and well to me! I just love the man and the people he brings to the program. WAKE-UP!! VERY MUCH ALIVE LOL!!

Yes friend I too was shocked when I read this article.but I don’t think he is the show he looked so healthy.

People do not believe that we are not alone in the universe if god is the creator what makes you think he would not create other life. Georgio will be missed by everyone who understood what he has found and someday he will be declared a genius. I don’t think I will be here as I am old but I pray his children will,

Tsoukalos’ theories belong in the fantasy channel, since tsoukalos does no follow the scientific method and has no data to support any of his claims. Science and the scientific method have produced great advancements for humanity. Wild guessing like tsoukalos has produced nothing useful whatsoever. His are just wild guesses, or , he may be making the whole thing up and laughing his way to the bank. Sad to see so many idiots who post here do not understand the scientific method , nor its usefulness vs wild guessing

Thank you! I watched some episode and I always rage on how they just give random statements like “yes, mythological creatures are in fact the result of alien genetic engenering”. I mean, when you throw such big bullshit, you need to provide at least one single proof that supports it! Nope, not with this dude. He knows the truth, because he knows it.

Just to break up the subject a little, the ancient multi-level underground city in the Derinkuyu district in Nevşehir Province, Turkey was used in one of the AAT shows. If you include the pointy houses “carved by the locals”, back fill all eroded areas with dirt and rock including the huge underground rooms, you will find an incredibility old ant mound. These ants were 25 to 50 pounders “Ant Men “if you will. After all,centipedes grew to 3′ wide 12 feet long and other insects were crazy big way back then too. Folks many millennia later took full advantage of what was left. The only reason there are no fossils of these ants is that they were prolific diggers and everything they dug through ended up on top so the AAs took them to mine gold and other minerals on other better endowed planets and moons. Keep looking up, the truth is out there.

Life on this planet started earlier and was much more diverse than we can ever imagine.
Oh, and on second thought,anything robot probe or AA that is advanced enough to navigate stars or galaxies wouldn’t need anything biological to mine for anything. “They” also wouldn’t be needing rocket fuel.
PS. Diggers of the tombs of Egypt used bioluminescent critters to light their way underground not light bulbs. No tungsten.
Keep looking up, the truth is out there.

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I can only thank you, Ladybug, the first and only post I’ve seen so far, with the correct usage, spelling and punctuation, throughout your post. It always surprises me to see how some people have the time to waste, bad talking someone they have never even met. Get a life for God’s sake! Life is too short to waste by spewing nasty comments and hatred…How do you all sleep at night? I have already spent too much of my time today reading this garbage. So I bid you all farewell and wish you all the peace that comes with a little compassion and plain old-fashioned manners, that most people have mastered by their 5th birthday.

ever look at the photos of mars’s moon phobos there appears to be some sort of hieroglyphic writing on the surface, and if so it is very large, so why hasn’t any one done a story on that?????

If he is dead, why are they still advertising his appearancew at the 2018 Alien-Con in Pasadena, California?

This guy is not dead… But he shouldn’t be listened to either. This kind of documentaries are BS, no facts at all, just speculation. “Are those mythological creatures? No, it’s Alien genetic program”. Wtf, proofs, have we found a squeletton, anything? He asks the questions, and answers it with an affirmation. All these ancient astronaut theories might not all be BS, but the people who spread them are dummies. These people are not scientist. They have their preconceived idea of the world, and then try to link anything to it. Normally we do it the other way around.

And, by the way, I once witnessed a UFO, “unidentified flying objtect”. I didn’t jump to conclusion, because there might be many possibilities that I haven’t explored, yet, I’m not saying I’m 100% sure alien exists like those people. Always be sceptical people.

Who writes this crap? How pathetic. It once again proves that the internet is full of idiots passing BS and fraud. What a waste of resource.

OMG you people are certifiable. Sweet Giorgio is alive and kicking in 2024, with just one wife and no children. Strongly urge you to take your meds!

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