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Meet Shopdogsam, the Internet’s Best Person

INTERNET — For people who like antiques, Pawn Stars and American Pickers are the hottest television shows out there. Items roll by faster than Antiques Roadshow while middle-aged men flirt with each other. Most of the meaning of each item is also reduced to cash value, and once per episode an expert will get a sentence or two in about one interesting item. Already, antique stores across the nation are faced with an army of idiots who won’t buy anything without trying to haggle the price down. Customers believe they are antiques experts because they’ve watched every episode of Pawn Stars and American Pickers. As a result, antique prices have plummeted severely in the last year.

But Shopdogsam is not that kind of entertainment.

Shopdogsam has posted hundreds of videos, documenting and explaining methods he uses to restore very old engines. He is practitioner of many lost engine shop arts, but more importantly, he is an authentic and entertaining character.  The meaning of every intricate detail of antique engines is served up with a charming Arkansas accent, and Sam’s long white beard and easygoing demeanor may convince you he’s Kris Kringle, maintaining engines which could only power a toy shop manned by tiny elves.

The thing that sets Shopdogsam apart from television, and even apart from the majority of self-made celebrities on YouTube, is that he doesn’t seem driven by the need for hits. He’s not jiggling female cleavage in his videos, shoving food down his throat, or doing silly stunts in video games. Shopdogsam is opening an honest window into his engine shop to continue to spread the tradition of maintaining and repairing engines from a long lost age of innocence.

Click Here to Subscribe to Shopdogsam’s Youtube Channel, on the East Coast of Arkansas

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