Meet Shopdogsam, the Internet’s Best Person

INTERNET — For people who like antiques, Pawn Stars and American Pickers are the hottest television shows out there. Items roll by faster than Antiques Roadshow while middle-aged men flirt with each other. Most of the meaning of each item is also reduced to cash value, and once per episode an expert will get a sentence or two in about one interesting item. Already, antique stores across the nation are faced with an army of idiots who won’t buy anything without trying to haggle the price down. Customers believe they are antiques experts because they’ve watched every episode of Pawn Stars and American Pickers. As a result, antique prices have plummeted severely in the last year.

But Shopdogsam is not that kind of entertainment.

Shopdogsam has posted hundreds of videos, documenting and explaining methods he uses to restore very old engines. He is practitioner of many lost engine shop arts, but more importantly, he is an authentic and entertaining character.  The meaning of every intricate detail of antique engines is served up with a charming Arkansas accent, and Sam’s long white beard and easygoing demeanor may convince you he’s Kris Kringle, maintaining engines which could only power a toy shop manned by tiny elves.

The thing that sets Shopdogsam apart from television, and even apart from the majority of self-made celebrities on YouTube, is that he doesn’t seem driven by the need for hits. He’s not jiggling female cleavage in his videos, shoving food down his throat, or doing silly stunts in video games. Shopdogsam is opening an honest window into his engine shop to continue to spread the tradition of maintaining and repairing engines from a long lost age of innocence.

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I am trying to restore a 1917 IHC 1 1/2hp throttle governed engine. It was ran a lot in its early life and then left to sit in a shed for decades. It had no compression and the rod cap bearing is broken. I am afraid of what else I will find. I really would like some pointers. The video library on You Tube is great! thank you.

I love Shopdogsam. I spend hours (literally) watching his utube video recipes. My family is from Wirth, Arkansas and he reminds me of what my kin were all about – fixin up a batch of soul food from the heart (that’s real cookin) and sharing the result with those we love. His good-hearted, gracious spirit comes through in every episode. It takes me home. Thanks, Shopdogsam.

I agree. I grew up in Arkansas, but now I live in the Washington, DC Metro area. I like watching and learning from Shop Dog Sam, and I really like his recipes. His biscuits and gravy and peach cobbler are my favorite recipes.

I am trying to set time to my 1919 m 3 horsepower IHC you have plenty videos of breakdowns but I am looking for one to show my L magneto running and what marks to put it on to the motor thank you

Greetings, I am new to the hit and miss engines and recently aquired a 6M throtteler. The governor springs seem to be adjusted so it is deactivared. The engine runs very slow without the governor control. Will lengthening the spring tensioning link get the governor working again? Someone also replaced the original fuel pump with an automotve diaphram pump. It functions but does not look right. This is a 1925 M. Starts and runs great.

Thanks for your help. Your video’s are very helpful.


We always attend Granny Potters Shows in Arkansas. And seeing Fatty Arbuckle Starting his Amanco 4 mule team.

Sam – I cannot find local machinist help for onstalling guides/valves in my FM Model H 2hp. May I pay you to take on the work? Tom Hill in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Like your cooking videos. I am 87, single, semi-disabled but enjoy your simple, easy but tasty dishes. More please, they remind me of things we ate when I was a boy. Your dishes are a welcome change from institutional food served by retirement home.


Hello Shopdog. Just bought a LBA engine, and need the V-Belt pulley the made for these engines. If you could get back with me, my email address. [email protected] Thanks. I like your video’s! Don Kokomo, In. 46902

I,ll try to restore a IH LA from 1940 but the Carburetor is totoly destroid of Salt so I am looking for a new Carb.
Can you help me?

Listen up people! Like said by Ken above, this is a comment section to the article ABOUT Shopdogsam not by Shopdogsam. Here you are commenting to the article only. If you want to contact Shopdogsam go to his Youtube channel. Pay attention.

Hello shopdogsam I hover a 1920 11/2 fairbanks morse engine can you tell me how to slow it down, it’s a throttle governed engine and runing to fast to pull my corn sheller. T

Hello shopdogsam I have a 1920 11/2 fairbanks morse engine can you tell me how to slow it down, it’s a throttle governed engine and runing to fast to pull my corn sheller.

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