Is Heather Marsh a Pedophile?

Heather Marsh is a Canadian blogger and organizer who is rapidly gaining influence, most notably as coordinator and spokesperson for Operation Death Eaters, an Anonymous-themed campaign that seeks to perpetuate a viewpoint which specifically views government officials as pedophiles.

Heather Marsh is a Canadian blogger and organizer who is rapidly gaining influence, most notably as coordinator and spokesperson for Operation Death Eaters, an Anonymous-themed campaign that seeks to perpetuate a viewpoint which specifically views government officials as pedophiles.

“Who controls the words controls your thoughts” ~ Heather Marsh

Marsh’s blog, GeorgieBC, is not substantive reading. Most of the posts can be reduced to one sentence that is badly supported by the sweeping gestures that are passed off as evidence in the post’s body. Add to that the tone of absolute certainty and a grandiose scope, and you have your average internet blog. What makes Marsh so influential are the usual and boring typical attributes that go into a paranoid, populist style.

Marsh’s pedophile-fixated viewpoints are outlined briefly in both a glossary and a dictionary published on her blog. The pedophile-obssessed New Orwellian Dictionary’s subtitle reads: “Who controls the words controls your thoughts,” and it is very short, cynical, and blandly satiric guide for how to read the news.

The glossary, on the other hand, is more of an informal style guide that is deployed by the most popular Anonymous accounts. Marsh’s great innovation from the dictionary is the word “Paedosadist,” which successfully leverages a lesson in etymology to further demonize pedophilia.

The glossary is prefaced with a short piece that is at odds with the introduction to the dictionary, invoking and denying authority and meaning in a swirl of words: definition, definition, definition, definition, -ition-ition-ition-ition while a lightly interspersed voice whispers: “Stigmergy is heaven, Stigmergy is bliss.” I recalled the cant of Osho’s hypnotic lecture-chants on Sufism, which was not unpleasant.

The following is a glossary of what I personally mean when I say these words. I realize there are many different definitions for most of them and this is not an attempt to impose my definitions as the correct ones or an invitation to debate the definitions, this is only the definition that applies to anything I say or write. As language is meant to be a shortcut to communication I try not to spend too much time discussing definitions and usually avoid the names of things like ideologies which are sure to derail every conversation into a discussion of definitions. Let me know what’s missing.

Special Note: I have not created a political ideology called Stigmergy. Stigmergy is a method of action based collaboration, one of many methods which work under different circumstances. It is not governance.

So it’s not Osho, but maybe this is the kind of spell that works on a computer nerd.


Thanks to Stigmergy™, I’m no longer a cynic who believes “who controls the words controls your thoughts!” Now I think of language as a “shortcut to communication.” And boy, those paedosadists better watch the hell out!

The New Orwellian Dictionary defines the word pedophile:

pedophile/paedophile [child lover]: Establishment approved name for those who rape, torture, abduct, blackmail and sometimes murder and dismember children.

Pedophile is the only word that has an etymology in this dictionary, as it is the pivot to Paedosadism. Maybe the word’s etymology suggests that “The Establishment” believes that blackmailing children is a loving way to treat children, or it might just be nonsense to jam up the brainworks for a healthy dose of Stigmergy Labs New TerrorMax For Kids. Or, maybe this is a Freudian slip revealing Heather Marsh’s campaign to save the children is a case of what she might call pedophilia. Is Heather Marsh a pedophile? She must love children a lot to dedicate her life to running #OpDeathEaters. So yes, by her own definition, Heather Marsh is the world’s number one pedophile.

The Heather Marsh style page defines Paedosadism:

Paedosadist: There is no such thing as a sexual orientation called paedophilia. A sexual orientation, or sex, requires consenting partners. It is not sex if some of those involved are called victims, that is rape. Someone attracted to rape has sexual sadism disorder or paraphilic coercive disorder. Someone attracted to the rape of children is a paedosadist. A paedosadist who acts on their impulses is a criminal paedosadist, one who does not is a non-offending paedosadist.

This maybe isn’t a definition so much as it is a Stigmergetic belief that could be trimmed down: “. . . no such thing as . . . paedophilia. A paedosadist . . . is a . . . paedosadist . . . is a . . . paedosadist.”

The Heather Marsh style page defines Death Eaters:

Death Eaters: Members of a sociopathic society where the societal norms or culture are driven by sadism or sexual sadism disorder. The agony of others is not a side effect of their actions but a goal. Death eaters are distinct from those with an individual personality disorder in that their society’s norms, structure and actions are all constructed to feed their sadism.

Death Eaters may also reference the bad guys from Harry Potter, or maybe this definition would mean something more when snarled by a barking dog robot. It is not credible that the Internet’s Hate Machine, known for its culture of deviant and even sadistic “lulz” would be swept up into the boring and hideous world of Heather Marsh.

Self-proclaimed “Anonymous Queen,” Heather Marsh, steers #OpDeathEaters towards Fascism



INTERNET — Heather Marsh declared herself “Anonymous Queen” Monday after riling up hundreds of thousands of Twitter users and sparking a harassment campaign against pedophiles, or “paedo-sadists,” as she has labeled them.

Originally aimed at undermining the credibility of governments everywhere by fabricating a myth of universal pedophilia in high offices, #OpDeathEaters’ pogroms against neighborhood pedophiles are just a distraction from Marsh’s fascistic rise to power.

#OpDeathEaters ultimately plans to round up all pedophiles into permanent special hospitals where we will never have to worry for the children again.

Former stealth Neo-Nazi “Anonymous Queen,” Jamie Jo Brinkman, acquired vast power much like Marsh: She maintained a clique of young journalists writing for her publication, Presstorm. Marsh’s publication, Wikileaks Central and Anonymous Central staffs several of the same writers as Jamie Jo Brinkman. Some analysts have suggested in earnest that Marsh began to act as a proxy for Jamie Jo Brinkman after Brinkman was run out of Anonymous.

Marsh and her staff authored an excessively long wikipedia page in Marsh’s honor, outlining every contour of her ideology and citing every article on the Internet that has ever mentioned her name. As it turns out, Marsh is a practitioner of stigmergy, a pseudoscientific form of witchcraft similar to her dubious field, “scientific journalism.”

Leaker: Bin Laden’s corpse kept “like stuffed animal” in White House

Osama's corpse was not buried at sea.

Osama’s corpse was not buried at sea.

WASHINGTON — After WikiLeaks reported that there were no witnesses to Osama Bin Laden’s burial at sea, an anonymous leaker from the Secret Service stepped forward with a startling claim — Bin Laden’s corpse was stuffed and put on display in Obama’s smoking room, perpetually locked in a ferocious and terrifying gesture next to the president’s favorite pinball machine.

Abu Muhammed, ISIS general, said, “The Islamic State will battle all the way to Washington DC and reclaim the defiled body of the Great Martyr.” Islamic theology holds that one day Islam is destined to control the entire world.

Second Argentine Prosecutor Shot

Two prosecutors are now dead in the investigation of an Iranian Bombing

Two prosecutors are now dead in the investigation of an Iranian Bombing

ARGENTINA —  Albert Nisman was shot dead by an unknown villain after he threatened to bring a case against Argentine President Cristina Fernandez for an alleged Iranian Bombing coverup.

Friday, Gerardo Pollitica took over the investigation and by Saturday evening he was also shot dead.

From his mobile prison in Texas, Barrett Brown told Anonymous, “Anons in Argeninta, Investigate! Anon took out Scientology, Anon took out ISIS. Project PM announces the formation of #OpJeSuisNisman, and we will bring Freedom to Argentina like we did to Tunisia. Anons, I cannot send out timely messages about the multitude of stories I miss while in Diesel Therapy. Remember! Never waste a good media event, and if it’s a slow day make one up.”



Guy Fieri dead at 47

Fans mourn the passing of Guy Fieri

Fans mourn the passing of Guy Fieri

INTERNET — Fans mourn the loss of Guy Fieri, Food Network’s host for hit television show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Fieri died Saturday evening from an impacted stool that ruptured his appendix and caused a fatal infection.

Fieri was known for reviewing some of the best food joints in America, traveling in his iconic red Mustang.

Guy entered his iconic “hunch” for the last time on Friday afternoon, eating a corned beef and pastrami sandwiched between two doughnuts smothered in “food lube” at Gerry’s Diner in Des Moines.

“He’s in the flavor town in the sky now, no doubt,” said Food Network chef and personal friend of Fieri’s, Mario Batali.

Chopped Judges test positive for HIV

Chopped Judges were accidentally served blood tainted with HIV.

Chopped Judges were accidentally served blood tainted with HIV.

INTERNET — Chopped Judges and celebrity chefs Aaron Sanchez, Alex Guarnaschelli, and Marc Murphy tested positive for HIV after ingesting trace amounts of infected blood during the filming of the competition cooking show. It is unknown which competitor is responsible, but Food Network is investigating.

Contestants on Chopped are given just minutes to concoct dishes to please the judges and often cut themselves in haste. Usually the camera crews spot accidental contamination of food by contestants, even if the accident goes unnoticed to the contestant.

Ted Allen, the show’s host, said, “Cameras can’t catch every detail, but we are reviewing footage as well as investigating medical records to see who might be responsible. Despite this unfortunate and tragic accident, the show must go on.”

Food Network plans to air a special episode of Chopped in which HIV positive chefs will serve dishes to the newly infected judges, emphasizing safety and tolerance.

Anonymous denies #OpDeathEaters is Anonymous

Heather Marsh, leader of the New Anonymous, is reportedly "Not even lowercase anonymous"

Heather Marsh, leader of the New Anonymous, is reportedly “Not even lowercase anonymous”

INTERNET — Today a group identifying itself as Anonymous launched Operation Death Eaters, a vigilante law-enforcement operation which promises to independently prosecute and execute pedophiles in high office.

However, an official Anonymous press release revealed that because Operation Death Eaters is coordinated by Heather Marsh, who is not anonymous, this operation cannot truly be the work of Anonymous.

An Anonymous spokesperson in New York, using the alias “Hector Monsegur,” told reporters, “Heather Marsh is not even lowercase anonymous. She’s a leaderfag and a fascist with maniacal delusions of revolution and power. We’re going to show her the real Anonymous.”

The official press release stated that “[Marsh] is not Anonymous. [Marsh] is Helen Lovejoy,” referencing a well-known character in the Simpsons who has become a symbol of middle-class mob mentality, often crying, “think of the children!” It also stated, “. . . we are launching an open source investigation public inquiry into her personal life.”

Political analyst and expert Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador said, “The great power that has been achieved by Heather Marsh by appropriating the Anonymous brand could ruin the careers of any politician she may want to point her finger at, and what’s worse, it definitely does not jive with the Anonymous brand. I think, although this is just speculation, that there is a political agenda, perhaps even a political party backing her and the operation which will ruin whatever politicians stand in its way just by a mere accusation.”

Professor at MacGill University and eminent Anonymous expert Bella Coleman said, “The prankish lulz that either motivate Anonymous operations or are injected into the more serious operations just are nowhere to be seen in Operation Death Eaters. Many of the hardcore Anons will agree that this means it’s no longer the true Anonymous, but I see it as Anonymous changing. No one gets to define what is or isn’t the ‘True’ Anonymous.”

Snowden blames Chemtrails for Mongolian Desertification

NSA leaker Edward Snowden unveils "Desert Planet" endgame for US chemtrailing operations: Only Monsanto approved life will survive.

NSA leaker Edward Snowden unveils “Desert Planet” endgame for US chemtrailing operations: Only Monsanto approved life will survive.

INTERNET — Edward Snowden spoke out after reports of rapid desertification in Mongolia have shocked millions, saying, “The desertification in Mongolia is an intentional effect created by the DARPA weather modification program that aims to turn the planet into an inhospitable wasteland while preserving perfect conditions for Monsanto products in America.”

Four Herders in lower Mongolia were jailed for protesting the Chinese government policy that outlawed grazing in areas threatened with desertification. Protesters say the government’s mining and forestry operations in their former nomadic homelands are to blame for the desertification, not the grazing.

Edward Snowden said, “While I stand with these nomads and want to protect their way of life, they should be blaming the US government. Their end game is to turn everything but Monsanto’s farms into a lifeless wasteland, because National Security has become more important to them than basic humanity.”

Facebook implements “racist” anti-Native name policy

Facebook "whitening" native names to make whites feel more comfortable

Facebook “whitening” native names to make whites feel more comfortable

INTERNET — Native Americans on Facebook may find their given names altered to sound more white, according to reports. Lance Brown Eyes had his name altered to Lance Brown, and has since struggled and failed to get any response at all from the one-person team responsible for instituting Facebook’s “real name” policy.

Facebook spokesperson Daneel Olivaw told reporters, “We encourage non-whites to use more approachable names, white names, simply because our algorithm for testing fake names is limited. Plus, it makes it easier on their white friends who may become confused.”

When asked why it was so important to police native names, Olivaw said, “Fake names lead to an unsafe environment, and because all of our detection of fake names is automated, this lets us keep the service free.”

Olivaw grew impatient and angry as reporters needled him with questions about why only one human was responsible for such a tremendous task, “Hey, I don’t tell you how to run your business, do I? Facebook is not a public space, it is a private space, and you follow our rules by our grace. You will construct your authentic self within our framework of acceptable behavior.”

Facebook quickly announced that Olivaw was “under investigation,” but the naming policy at Facebook hasn’t changed, and the atmosphere of colonial control and oppression fostered by Facebook’s automated name policy has poisoned the well for natives.

“We don’t want to go back to Facebook,” said George Tall Eagle. “It’s a racist system. We need our own Facebook with our own set of rules.”

Whistleblower: “CIA made Brian Williams Lie” — Bob Simon was murdered

Whistleblower says CIA made Brian Williams Lie, and drives the agenda of Mainstream Media

Whistleblower says the CIA made Brian Williams Lie.

INTERNET — A whistleblower from the CIA released conclusive information to the hacker collective Anonymous that showed the CIA was acting as “de facto editor-in-chief” for all network and cable news stations. That means that a CIA agent ultimately controlled what Brian Williams could and couldn’t say, while giving him cash rewards for hamming up stories about combat in Iraq.

The whistleblower also alleged that Bob Simon, dead Wednesday evening from a fatal car crash, was on the verge of coming forward with an investigative report that would show conclusive proof that the CIA has been controlling the content of practically every major newspaper at home and abroad, and most actively in Syria and the Ukraine.

Williams has totally disappeared from the public eye and was suspended for six months without pay.