Facebook implements “racist” anti-Native name policy

Facebook "whitening" native names to make whites feel more comfortable

Facebook “whitening” native names to make whites feel more comfortable

INTERNET — Native Americans on Facebook may find their given names altered to sound more white, according to reports. Lance Brown Eyes had his name altered to Lance Brown, and has since struggled and failed to get any response at all from the one-person team responsible for instituting Facebook’s “real name” policy.

Facebook spokesperson Daneel Olivaw told reporters, “We encourage non-whites to use more approachable names, white names, simply because our algorithm for testing fake names is limited. Plus, it makes it easier on their white friends who may become confused.”

When asked why it was so important to police native names, Olivaw said, “Fake names lead to an unsafe environment, and because all of our detection of fake names is automated, this lets us keep the service free.”

Olivaw grew impatient and angry as reporters needled him with questions about why only one human was responsible for such a tremendous task, “Hey, I don’t tell you how to run your business, do I? Facebook is not a public space, it is a private space, and you follow our rules by our grace. You will construct your authentic self within our framework of acceptable behavior.”

Facebook quickly announced that Olivaw was “under investigation,” but the naming policy at Facebook hasn’t changed, and the atmosphere of colonial control and oppression fostered by Facebook’s automated name policy has poisoned the well for natives.

“We don’t want to go back to Facebook,” said George Tall Eagle. “It’s a racist system. We need our own Facebook with our own set of rules.”

Whistleblower: “CIA made Brian Williams Lie” — Bob Simon was murdered

Whistleblower says CIA made Brian Williams Lie, and drives the agenda of Mainstream Media

Whistleblower says the CIA made Brian Williams Lie.

INTERNET — A whistleblower from the CIA released conclusive information to the hacker collective Anonymous that showed the CIA was acting as “de facto editor-in-chief” for all network and cable news stations. That means that a CIA agent ultimately controlled what Brian Williams could and couldn’t say, while giving him cash rewards for hamming up stories about combat in Iraq.

The whistleblower also alleged that Bob Simon, dead Wednesday evening from a fatal car crash, was on the verge of coming forward with an investigative report that would show conclusive proof that the CIA has been controlling the content of practically every major newspaper at home and abroad, and most actively in Syria and the Ukraine.

Williams has totally disappeared from the public eye and was suspended for six months without pay.

New Zealanders spot extraterrestrial craft as it enters the atmosphere

After an extra terrestrial craft was spotted entering Earth's atmosphere in New Zealand, experts ask: Why have so many aliens been returning to earth in recent decades?

After an extra terrestrial craft was spotted entering Earth’s atmosphere in New Zealand, experts ask: Why have so many aliens been returning to earth in recent decades?

INTERNET — New Zealanders gawked as a blinding flash and sonic booms rocked the airspace above the island nation. Meteorite expert Joel Schliff said the object was “almost certainly extra terrestrial,” leading many to speculate why the past half-century has seen such a rapid increase in visits from alien craft, starting with Roswell.

Ancient Alien theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos explained, “We know that the aliens were instrumental in the rise of all human civilizations. Their unmistakable imprint is ubiquitous in archaeology, history, art, and mythology, but we don’t know why.”

Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador of MIT’s astrobiology lab said, “If human civilization was in any way altered or engineered by an alien civilization then we can deduce that its major effects on the biosphere are desirable to the aliens. It would follow that if we see an increase in alien monitoring activities, that’s a clue that somehow this long project is coming to a head, that the Earth is nearly ripe for alien habitation. Isn’t it funny that de-terraforming Earth amounts to humanity’s greatest engineering feat, even though it is largely considered an accident? Surely nuclear detonations immediately triggered increased alien monitoring since a total transition to carbon-free nuclear energy is possible. But for some reason, humanity continues to fill the atmosphere with gases toxic to terrestrial life and more suitable for most alien species. Very strange indeed.”

3 Muslims killed in Chapel Hill Hate Crime — American Muslims rally in the streets, “Je Suis Charlie”



CHAPEL HILL, NC — Muslims gathered in cities around America carrying banners that said, “Je Suis Charlie,” after Craig Lee Hicks shot three Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, allegedly over an ongoing parking row that erupted into a deadly dispute over satire.

According to protesters, they have adopted the “Je Suis Charlie” slogan because they believe the three dead Muslims were aggressively “satirizing” Hicks for Islamophobia before he resorted to a murderous hate crime.

The victims were shot in the head, execution style, reportedly while delivering crude but incisive remarks directed at Hicks. Reportedly, Barakat jokingly told Hicks, moments before his execution, “If you shoot me down I’ll become more powerful than you can imagine — over 72 virgins.” Despite the satiric intent, this comment is said to have been taken seriously by Hicks, who then flew into a murderous rage as the Muslim students laughed in his face.

Hicks turned himself in to a local police department without incident, smiling when he told officers, “I have taken care of the local ISIS sleeper cell.”

Jon Stewart to run for President in 2016

Jon Stewart announces he is running for President in 2016

Jon Stewart announces he is running for President in 2016

INTERNET — Jon Stewart announced he’d be stepping down from the Daily Show to pursue a political career. Tuesday night, Stewart told reporters, “I’m announcing my candidacy for president in the 2016 election, and I’ll be running with the support of the Colbert PAC.”

Stewart added, “I’m disappointed in Obama. I had hope and rallied for sanity, but ultimately I was let down. I think a lot of people were let down. Obama’s gone after whistleblowers and escalated foreign wars, and he hasn’t done anything about police brutality targeting blacks. Now, we’re on the brink of an all-out nuclear war in the Ukraine and it’s time for someone outside of Washington, someone sane, someone who doesn’t think it’s all about growing our economy, but cares about human lives. I think I can at least do that much.”

Other frontrunners for the presidential election include Mitt Romney and Hilary Clinton. Clinton responded to Stewart’s announcement with a shrill laugh, saying, “Hah! That comic from pot movies? C’mon, give me a break. Herman Caine’s more of a serious contender than Stewart.” However, comics such as Al Franken have had lasting careers and served in some of the most prestigious offices in US government. Stewart’s fame and popularity with American audiences may be the boost he needs, as campaign spending is set to balloon into the billions in the 2016 election cycle.

Brian Williams dead at 55

Brian Williams died under mysterious circumstances police are calling a "probable suicide"

Brian Williams died under mysterious circumstances police are calling a “probable suicide”

CONNECTICUT — Tuesday evening, Brian Williams was found dead in his New Canaan mansion from what police said was most likely a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The NBC News Anchor was caught lying about facing RPG fire in Iraq and once said he saw dead bodies floating in a part of New Orleans that was not flooded by hurricane Katrina.

Monday, Williams announced he would “take a few days off,” but his suicide Tuesday evening has left fans and critics shocked. Friends and family told reporters Williams was, “not happy” and suggested that his career was built on far worse lies that he promised to soon reveal.

Police are investigating the tragic circumstances as there seems to be strong evidence for the possibility of foul play. Police Chief Gerald Hartford told reporters, “Now, there are lots of people with motives to take out Williams, especially military men who have had their valor stolen. That’s why we’re investigating foul play, but it appears to be a suicide. We’re not 100 percent, but that’s what it looks like at first glance.”

Others speculated that Williams exaggerated and sensationalized his stories as a result of brutal editorial control that the CIA exerts over him and NBC News. As the theory goes, the CIA feared he might reveal too much and had to “suicide” him to keep the wraps on their cloak-and-dagger propaganda operations.


Putin leaks 9/11 inside job proof — False flag 9/11 confirmed

Vladimir Putin unleashed final proof of 9/11 inside job

Vladimir Putin unleashed final proof of 9/11 inside job

MOSCOW — Vladimir Putin shared top secret Russian satellite photographs showing 9/11 was in fact an inside job. The startling photographs show explosives being loaded into passenger planes at Langley Field and tracks them as they travel to Pennsylvania, New York City, and Washington DC.

Traces of nano-thermite, which is capable of melting the tremendous steel beams of the World Trade Center, were sampled and confirmed by Russian intelligence through moles working at Ground Zero.

Putin clutched at photographs in one hand and positive samples of nano-thermite traces in the other, and said, “We do not want a nuclear war in Ukraine, but the United States does! A small tactical nuke was used on the chemical plant in Donetsk, but not by the Russian Federation. We will fight back with aggressive diplomacy, leaking the worst secrets of the United States. Our nuclear arsenal is a last resort.” On a final note, Putin added, “I am not autistic.”

The 9/11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero opened for tourists in May last year and features the official narrative of the terror attack. Thousands of children are indoctrinated by the museum each day, taught a version of events that conflict with the best available evidence and the proof leaked by Vladimir Putin.

Vice magazine sends reporters to witness ISIS beheading video

#OpISIS targets the women and children of ISIS

#OpISIS targets the women and children of ISIS

RAQQA, SYRIA — Vice News traveled to Raqqa, the ISIL stronghold where fighters for the Islamic State are under heavy fire not only from the Jordanian air force, but from hackers at Anonymous. Tarik Shabab, lieutenant commander of an elite video crew that staged several of the most viral beheading videos, says he is the target of a coordinated harassment campaign from Anonymous. We met him in the audio visual barracks buried in the heart of a secret reinforced concrete bunker on the outskirts of Raqqa.

Tarik Shabab barked at his white, middle class American helpers in English as we entered his chamber from the dusty tunnel. “No, there is still blood on the green screen for Christ’s sake. We have another beheading to do.” Tarik, as we came to know him, claimed he shot hundreds of beheading videos, although only two or three were, in his words, “Some real barnburners, the very lifeblood of the Jihad.”

In 2014, Tarik’s best work went viral when ISIS beheaded an American hero, inflaming a new round of American patriotism. That patriotism, as we came to find out, inspired an Anonymous operation known as #OpISIS.

#OpISIS issued a warning to the terrorists, saying, “ISIS, we will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails and expose you… You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure. We own the internet.”

Anonymous is a hacker collective that came to prominence in 2011 after satirist Barrett Brown led the group to initiate operation Arab Spring, triggering the fall of Tunisia. For several years now, Anonymous has been a source of instability in the region, generating massive symbiotic profits for US defense contractors and ISIL warlords.

Brown, a strict atheist, still leads the collective from his mobile prison cell in Texas, releasing tasks and commands for his Anonymous sub-group, Project PM, through hidden messages buried in weekly editorials published at the Daily Beast, Internet Chronicle, and DMagazine. Because of Brown’s previous manipulations in the middle east, as well as his distaste for the Islamic faith, Anonymous expert Biella Coleman speculated that the abuse campaign directed at ISIL was carried out at Brown’s direct command.

Brown has made himself a thorn in the Islamic State’s side, but the human toll has gone unreported. Tarik explained his creative process as “exhausting, thankless work,” and complained that Barrett Brown’s hacker crusade has made it nearly impossible for women and children at his studio to continue their work.

“It takes about a hundred shoots before you just nail it and get the right mix of gore, terror, and spectacle,” he said. “Our subjects often will flinch or make stupid faces to screw up the scene, and oftentimes artful editing is necessary to keep the right tone. We use the green screen and big studio lights so that we can film any time we want as if it were a sunny day in the desert. That’s essential to inspire optimal fear. We’ve moved the studio four times in the last few months and narrowly missed a few commando raids, so we are always working in a rush because every shoot could be the last.”

Recently, Tarik’s work has slowed to a crawl due to sustained harassment from Anonymous and #OpISIS.

“Allah help me, but #OpISIS is ruining my life. They’re constantly on my twitter mentions, threatening my life. Every day I have to deal with the threat of death from commandos in reality, but I expected things to be more civil on the internet. More controlled. But twitter won’t block the racists for me, and it takes so much effort to keep up with our fans while blocking out the trolls.”

Over tea, Tarik offered Vice News an opportunity to witness the creation of a viral terror video from start to finish. He took us down into a cold, dark dungeon where torturers were prepping prisoners for beheading. In one small, well-lit corner of the dungeon an Indonesian woman applied makeup to one rigid, fully-prepped prisoner.

“You wouldn’t believe the sexist things the trolls send to Mae Lee’s facebook page,” Tarik explained, gesturing at the makeup artist, “She is a strong woman though, and it all seems to roll right off her back. But she’s lost her business because of it, and now no one will hire her to do makeup for their sex slaves because they think she is a slut. It is simply barbaric what they’ve done to her.”

Tarik pointed at the prisoner, “Now, notice how his jaw is locked in place. That is what our torturers look for before moving the infidel to makeup. In this state he is not likely to resist or make funny faces. Brutality and terror of the beheading is not enough. The infidel must be more beautiful to give contrast to the terror of our warriors. His chiseled features and striking eyes must say, ‘Help me, I’m too precious to Die!’ and Mae Lee is the best in the business. The very best.”

Tarik guided us up a narrow flight of stairs into a tunnel where his crew and a garrison of fighters slept. In a far corner, there was a ragged niche in the concrete where weapons, torture implements, and various beheading tools were kept. A small Nigerian boy sat at a grinding wheel, sharpening a tremendous scimitar.

“This is Mombata,” Tarik said. “He keeps our weapons in top shape. Show them what you do, Mombata.”

Grinning, Mombata set the scimitar aside and wielded an AK-47, rapidly cycling the chamber while Tarik clapped. “Very good! See? He is just a small boy but he fixed that gun and look how it works now. Mombata is vital to our operation. The worst thing that can happen in a beheading is when we don’t cut clean through the head in one go, and for that the blade must be sharpened before each beheading. Mombata takes care of that.”

Tarik shed a tear and gripped Mombata’s shoulder. “Unfortunately, Anonymous hackers called Mombata autistic the other day and he’s been terribly butthurt. Such a small child, targeted by mean people on the internet. He is not the most social boy, but he is very good with his hands. Plus, he’s never been vaccinated so there’s not even a chance he’s autistic. But this is the kind of trolling we deal with every day.”

By the time we returned to Tarik’s studio, the prisoner was tied in place before the green screen on a foam sacrifice rock and ready for his beheading. The grim beheaders wrapped themselves in black linen costumes for the shoot, and one checked his iPhone. His body seemed to lose all strength and crumble as he fell to his knees.

“Why!?” He screamed, “WHY!?? They hacked my gmail and I’ve lost all my accounts. Everything is gone. My life is over. Over.” The beheader threw his black wrappings to the ground and fled the room, sobbing.

Tarik turned red and began to shout. “I can do nothing! Nothing! They target me, my actors, my editors. Allah Damn Anonymous! Every time we are ready it goes wrong because of those hacker meddlers. This infidel will probably wake from his catatonic state any minute, before I can calm my beheader.”

Tarik turned to us, his eyes wide, and he pointed to Vice reporter Andrew Blake, “You! You must fill in. Do it now or Mombata shoots you.” Standing behind Tarik, the Nigerian boy squinted down the barrel of the AK-47 just as if he were a veteran child-soldier fresh out of Kony’s army.

Blake picked up the wrappings and donned the black cloth, ready to execute the infidel.

Coaching Andrew’s posture aggressively, Tarik barked directions as the camera crew began recording. The beheading unfolded smoothly over the next five minutes and the cameramen caught it all in stunning high def. Although Andrew didn’t swing the scimitar, when he uncovered his face he looked dry and pale as if his soul had left his body. Mombata escorted Vice out of the bunker, and we left Raqqa traumatized, although we didn’t know whether to blame Anonymous or ISIL for the terror we just witnessed.

Pope Francis calls Reality TV show the “Anti-Christ”

Jesus Christ Megastar has been called the Anti-Christ by Pope Francis

Jesus Christ Megastar has been called the Anti-Christ by Pope Francis

INTERNET — The Internet’s 13 most talented and Christlike figures, as selected from billions of Twitter users through an algorithm cribbed straight out of the bible, will appear Friday on NBC’s Jesus Christ Megastar to compete for status as the icon and messiah of the world’s first algorithmically-derived branch of Christianity, Christ’s Children’s Church (CCC). By hoovering up social media data, digital sociologists at CCC have engineered what they believe will be the most robust marketing campaign of all time. Thousands of used supercomputers from the 90’s have been trained to optimize a belief structure so appealing they hope it will gain converts at a record breaking rate. Interestingly, the interpretation of the bible the algorithm has developed requires their church to be the fulfillment of the second coming of Christ.

Many Christians have derided CCC for its heretical doctrine, and Pope Francis told reporters, “It’s a sleek marketing campaign and a gimmick, not any form of Christianity recognized by any other branch of Christianity as remotely Christian in its teachings. I know it to be the Anti-Christ, the development of all the world’s evil into a single power, a great deceiver.”

At the end of each episode of Jesus Christ Megastar, the contestants will kneel before a tremendous stack of outdated supercomputers and the Judas-like figure that hosts and narrates the show will “betray” one of the disciples. Disciples who show unconscious malice in their behavior on screen will be eliminated one by one until the most benevolent Christ is chosen.

Nuclear bomb detonated in Ukraine – nuclear blast detected

Ukraine nuclear bomb blast detectedUkraine — Ukrainian government officials confirmed a nuclear blast was detected in Ukraine Sunday. No other news is coming out of the area.

Three videos just uploaded show the small nuclear blast below. Nothing more is known at this time, including who launched the weapon or against which target.

The materials appear to have originated from the war-torn region of Ukraine, where separatists are attempting to return control of the former Soviet nation to Russia.

The attack comes after Britain’s defense minister voiced concerns Russia may have “lowered the threshold” for using nuclear weapons.

In their criticisms, Britain warned Russia’s nuclear strategy was being integrated with conventional forces in “a rather threatening way.”

Russia’s new military doctrine reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in a conventional attack that endangers the state’s existence, but some in the military were reportedly calling for a “first strike option.”