Jason Mick, what the fuck are you doing?

DailyTech?! I don't even...

Thursday, Jason Mick published a blog entry on DailyTech that provided a factual account on the arrest of alleged LulzSec spokesperson Topiary. However, halfway through the post, Mick cited completely unverifiable evidence accusing Daniel Ackerman Sandberg of criminal behavior. This complete collapse in journalistic integrity should not be tolerated. Mick appears to have made no attempt to contact Sandberg, instead posting unverified IRC logs and d0x which may be part of a misinformation campaign. Jason Mick needs to retract all evidence from his article which cannot be corroborated by a trusted source.

Sadly, the truth-seekers of Anonymous have taken this possible misinformation campaign at face value simply because they believe it supports their cause. For whatever reason, the appeal of invincible leaders has caused them to lose all sanity.

In related news, Anonymous has actively inflated the success of their PayPal boycott. Yet these lies are too transparent even for Jason Mick. By taking credit for a 3% drop in eBay’s stock and the closure of 35,000 PayPal accounts, Anonymous is not engaging in some kind of productive misinformation campaign. Instead, they are acting like complete fools, ready to repeat any piece of information that makes them feel more important – whether it is from a verifiable source or not. And that’s what Anonymous is all about, isn’t it? Anons desperately want to feel important, and facts come second.

When more information is released about the arrest of Topiary, the coked-up lemmings will all have a big laugh about their hilarious “misinformation campaign” that fooled Jason Mick and thousands of others by proxy. However, the rest of the world will just look at them as a hivemind of narcissistic and gullible idiots.

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