Soviet Rebirth In Moscow


Soviet Russians rally for power in Moscow
Soviet Russians rally for power in Moscow

It’s a power grab, and it’s taking place NOW. Russians rallied in their fortuitous nation’s capital city Monday, celebrating their God-King’s rise to power, Vladimir Putin. Putinists ate their TerrorBloc and set eyes on the skies, hoping to catch a glimpse of more than 100 chemtrail-spewing MiG-35’s, which showered the nation with power – a beautiful display of Soviet dominance.

The Soviet Revolution taking place in Russia spells hope for the power elite who hope to instill a love for their hatred of the allied states: USA, England and Capitalist Venezuela.

Comrade Putin has issued the following edict: all bloggers garnering readership greater than 3,000 people per day must register with the central government or face up to five years’ detention. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest gratitude, as a former soviet newspaper, to Comrade Putin for his courageous efforts from Moscow. We are currently in the process of attempting to register as a new Soviet mouthpiece for the state.

GLORIOUS AND INFALLIBLE CHRONICLE.SU staff eagerly await Putin’s decision to accept the website into Mother Russia’s nurturing bosom; her nuclear-backed peace garden.

What’s next for the Internet Chronicle at Only time will tell. But for now, the website has thrown its full support behind our new Commander-In-Chief – Vladimir Putin – Patriot God-King.

3 Replies to “Soviet Rebirth In Moscow”

  1. So, he’s a great leader, and on his 3rd term, is that why is this being compared to the “soviet union”?
    Instead why not a new form of Democracy, a leader that actually cares for the people and his country not letting Russia and his people be bullied by the fascist nation the U.S. is.
    Russia will always be a true example of democracy and how a leader should serve his country……not like the U.S. which enslaved more than 4,000,000 blacks for over 400 years. Go figure that one.

  2. The Neo-Eurasianist threat is real! Aleksandr Dugin is instituting a Sino-Arab-Turkish-Russian axis. The Western Hemisphere, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the scattered islands of the Angloshpere will be left to fight the new hemegoney. Orwell was right about Oceania and Eurasia, but East Asia will be obsorbed into the other two, not because they are weak, but because power is best served when folks think dichotomously. -having 3 world powers is simply far to nuanced to be useful, and the Neo-Eurasianists and Neo-Liberals are far more organized than the proponents of the Greater Sino-Empire.

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