Barrett Brown's character assassinated by Kilgore Trout

Yesterday, Barrett Brown was Anonymously provided with alleged leaks from the US Chamber of Commerce. Brown did not pass the documents onto Anonymous. As expected, Anonymous did not take caution and widely publicized the documents before they had been examined.

The documents were encrypted and could only be read by entering the password BarrettBrown. This simple trick implicitly associated these bogus documents with Brown and gave them the superficial feel of sensitive information. As Anonymous wasted their time digging through the massive dump, they wrongly cursed the name of Barrett Brown.

These documents were nothing more than the Chamber of Commerce public record. As the only celebrity to be associated with Anonymous, Barrett Brown is an important target for those who would turn public opinion against Anonymous. Making Brown look incompetent is a painful blow directed at the name of Anonymous.

Some have speculated that contractors like HBGary are at work. It is not clear whether they may have been hired by the US Government, Sony, or the NZ Government. What is clear is the intent to squelch online democratic uprisings. This move fits their strategy and was possibly intended to dethrone Barrett Brown as spokesperson of Anonymous. However, our inside sources have found a different answer.

A writer for Chronicle.SU has taken credit for the phony leak.

“As the world’s greatest troll, I am myself untrollable. However, Barrett Brown is not such a savvy troll. I took it upon myself to troll Barrett Brown and make him look like a failure. It’s part of a psychotic plan I have to assert dominance over Anonymous. Having trolled the entirety of Anonymous ten times over, I have finally set my sights on their great leader. Anyone who takes documents to Anonymous instead of Wikileaks should be instantly ignored.” ~ Kilgore Trout

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