Chronicle.SU is run by both the US and Russian government, so say the cookies!

The  following quote was posted on today, finally revealing the truth about Chronicle.SU, which has long been known as a government Psy-Op campaign to discredit Anonymous through hilarious jokes. Strangely, it is completely correct. We’re not a satire web site. We are in fact harvesting all your illegal activities into a searchable database that will be made public to embarrass Anonymous for being so full of herp and derp.



tracking cookies, automatically sending IP logs, IRC bot logs and other strange stuff found on server after several members complained of placing tracing cookies

farther research relieved that the “Russian Institute for Public Networks” (RIPN) sold the domain to a Washington State security company by the name of “IID” or “Internet Identity” on 2010-10-09 where it is believed that the information they collect is sent to the feds


the server is currently under IP hosted by Bluehost

By viewing this you have been hacked by the government. Anonymous has stolen our tactic of accusing Anonymous of being run by the feds, so now we will steal their tactics for going on the defensive: We did not infect you with cookies, it was in fact a domain using the name of Chronicle.SU! Not us! While anyone may use the name of Chronicle.SU, this tactic of stealing your information goes completely against our history of upright satire and hilarity.

6 Replies to “Chronicle.SU is run by both the US and Russian government, so say the cookies!”

  1. Russian Institute for Public Networks owns the .su domain name
    you you purchased the .su domain name you baught it threw them and you should know that

    if your boss at IIS bought it and told you to run the site you would not know that


  2. And once again, all trace of the discussion on anonnews is lost to the memory hole (OH SOZZ I MENT “MODERATED” LOL). Fuckers. Anonymous can you provide teh discussion links?

    1. As it turns out I can (CAN HAZ SEEKRIT GAI FORKES MASK NAO?!?!?!):

      Originating comment hear:

      related semi-lulzy coment threads:

      Asl i foundx0red censored comments on theses:

      Sarkozy @ G8 –
      $44,000 WBC troll –
      PSN down –

      Anonnews didn’t learn anythign from teh last raid, eh? Needs raided again…

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