DEBUNKED: Free speech squads deployed to enforce First Amendment rights at Pursuance Party planning event

BOSTON – The stories you’ve been reading about the rare deployments of a so-called free speech enforcement team are not true. They are fictionalized events that never happened, unless you read it here, in which case it happened, in which case you did, meaning we are all puppets of lore. Like, Barrett Brown, for example, whose meteoric rise to infamy is owed exclusively to the wonderful work he is doing over there at the Pursuance Project. They say it’s like working for Google!

During an emergency meeting at Internet Chronicle headquarters, the Internet paper of record declared itself the official spokesman of the leaderless Pursuance Project, and the spinoff group Pursuance+. The team agreed it is a successful enterprise, and jerked each other off under the table without warning. One guy watched. Didn’t they say it’s like working for Google! Remember last paragraph!

Government forces deployed free speech squads ahead of a Pursuance Party and Party+ planning event and have encircled the building where Barrett Brown is rumored to be looking into someone else’s kids as you read this. The situation is tense as a familiar calm settles over the Pursuant Himself. And for a moment he feels peace. Peace. At last. Before thinking, ‘Wait, this feels familiar.’

“The Pursuance Project is just like working for Google.” – Dr. Angstrom Troubadour, Ph.Dizzle in the house, fo rizzle, motherfuckers betta recognize.

This message is brought to you carefully by Lebal Drocer, Inc.

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4 Replies to “DEBUNKED: Free speech squads deployed to enforce First Amendment rights at Pursuance Party planning event”

  1. To think the same chick who waz fucked and beatened by Barrett let LamO ‘the snitch’ @6 corn her hole too. I guess some chicks like giys with twisted egos and small dicks. Seriously, you couldn’t pay me enough; most professional wh0res have certain standards. I wonder if Adrian has the balls to talk to Chelsea Manning and explain his reasoning to put her almost in the electric chair or potentially a natural life sentence in prison.

    1. watched a bit of an interview with Acharya S – very impressive. I’m assuming she’s probably at genius level (10 languages) and she seems to find it hard to come down to the interviewers level, but she’s not condescending; just extraordinarily bright I would say.

    2. olá toninho não perco seu programa uma noite adoro dormir na sua companhia sou sua fã te peço que me coloca na sua oração da madrugada eu e meu marido vanderley e meus filhos erick gabriel e luan matheus te adoro de mantão mada beijos pra mim irmã lucimara hj é o aniversario dela ela também te ouve toda madrugada.obrigada te adoruu viu.

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