LulzSec emulates the CIA but is not affiliated

In order to ensure maximum Lulz, LulzSec has manufactured a misinformation campaign using “dox” on pastebin to expose that they are working with the CIA and famed Bradley Manning snitch, Adrian Lamo. This “CIA project” is purportedly intended to tip the balance of public opinion against hackers. While this is possible, the outrageous public fear of hacking makes this unlikely. Such a ridiculous conspiracy may head off any future suspicion of LulzSec’s questionable motivations. The conspiracy is most likely concocted.

LulzSec has actually adopted the tactics of the CIA. The CIA has been known to pay off the Alex Jones radio show for spreading laughable conspiracies which disarm public suspicion in regards to the failures of FEMA after hurricane Katrina. The lovable LulzSec has, in fact, achieved massive success in emulating the CIA, rather than working with them. In this light, the pastebin “dox” are one of the best trollolols the intertits has ever seen.

After the Sony Fiasco led to a drop in support for Anonymous, LulzSec was likely invented to take credit for the hack ex post facto.

LulzSec appears to be related to the Ryan Cleary incident, which has already been forgotten. Ryan Cleary is a dissident hacker who attacked AnonOps and was subsequently “doxed”. Some accuse Cleary of hacking Sony. However, Cleary is not facing any criminal charges and there is no evidence that he exists. AnonOps hackers may have engineered a false flag attack against their own servers under the name of Ryan Cleary, in hopes that the Sony hack would be credited to him. LulzSec is simply the logical conclusion to this chain of events – a hacker group that breaks all the non-existent unwritten rules of Anonymous in order to regain traction after the failure of #OpSony.



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  1. Turns out Ryan Cleary is also the guy who runs the IRC for LulzSec. Someone told me he was spotted in Essex recently. He probably lives there, best bet I can give you. Is he some fake lawful rebel? We’ll have to find out some time soon.

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