Anonymous completely infiltrated by FBI and Secret Service, Iran promises Cyber War, and the LulzBoat sails on

Rather than making mass arrests that would force hackers into hiding, the FBI and Secret Service have been quietly knocking on doors and making threats. Eric Corley of 2600: Hacker Quarterly claims 25% of all hackers in the US are working as informants for the FBI. Mass hacker arrests will surely come sooner than later. 2600’s IRC servers have recently been DDoSed by LulzSec over a Twitter spat with Martijn Godlang, a hacker who bungled a LOIC DDoS attack by accidentally targeting a Dutch Government web server.

The revelation of such pervasive infiltration has not been fully digested by what remains of Anonymous. AnonNews is currently down because of unexplained DNS issues, but is still accessible at Barrett Brown commented for us just days before he left his position as the spokesperson for Anonymous, “They  have the right to decide if they want to get involved with Anonymous, knowing full well that the FBI is looking into us.”

Today, Persian state servers were taken over by Anonymous. A message from the Persian military threatened offensive action in retaliation. “The instruments required for the presence in cyber space are being prepared by the Defense Industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan. It appears that the Persian Military believes Anonymous is only a proxy for the United States government.

LulzSec recently accessed Infragard’s user database. Infragard is an information sharing service for the FBI and private security companies. Members of LulzSec attempted to extort information and money from the CEO of Unveillance, Karim Hijazi, leveraging embarrassing data from Infragard. According to LulzSec, Hijazi used the same password for Infragard as he did for Unveillance. The “extortion” was only intended to troll Hijazi into revealing his willingness to comply with threats.

LIGATT Security’s Gregory Evans claims to have the dox on LulzSec, which he will publish sometime in the near future. Evans cites the attack on the FBI as his primary motivation in doxing LulzSec.


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If we want to take a step from the public restrooms of anonymous stupidity, I suggest more people drop the mask and fight their local governments with an open face instead of remaining in the blind faith, that toilet humor is going to bring us anywhere. Right now, anonymous is a force of us/brit propaganda, not of any kind of positive change.

Western civilization is collapsing, but people would rather hide their stupidity and lack of any real knowledge in an irc #oplibya syria or what ever, watching AJ 24/7 and repeating the claims being put foreward there.

Its about time we figure out who the real men in anonymous are, we are going to need you soon on the barricades, not retweeting nonsense pretending to be someone special.

Perhaps pseudonymous are more needed right now…

truth is collapsing. this is a good thing. the more we realize that “truth” is defined by all the wrong people, the better we understand what is really happening.

activism can appropriate a time and a place for action, when action should be enduring and not reliant on anonymity. anonymous lives in cyber space. the effect in reality is a general fear of hackers. are people right to fear for their privacy? every hacker with lofty ideals seems ready to sacrifice them as soon as an individual stands in their way. no, privacy is not sacred to hackers.

be a devil’s advocate. be a troll. challenge everyone ruthlessly. change a mind. if you want to use the internet for activism, step away from threats. challenge people with whatever subverts their argument. let others subvert your arguments. break the taboo of the devil’s advocate. subversion approaches anarchy. all else is a step away.

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