Boycott Student Loans

Found yourself struggling to find work after college? Paying off loans while living at home, and unable to afford your own life?


The SWAT team will come to your house and kick down the door, and then choke-slam your ex into their police car and lock the door for a few hours.

You are being extorted

Education doesn’t cost this much. The secret police cannot extort us all at once.

Don’t Pay

You will be able to move on with your life, even as you are forced into underemployment. It is your right to be free from indentured servitude. Sadly, this has become what education is all about.

You are not a slave to your education


4 replies on “Boycott Student Loans”

Fuck me that is rediculous. If I borrow $10 from my neighbor and I don’t give it back can I expected a visit from the SWAT now? WTF?!

Wake up sheeple!!

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