Thanks for ruining #OccupyWallStreet, Michael Moore


For some reason Occupy protesters love to chase off politicians but not Michael Fucking Moore. Have they lost their minds? Nothing would convince me sooner that Occupy Wall Street is liberal astroturf than Michael Moore’s involvement. Michael Moore is fucking pissed off that he couldn’t get a moneyshot with cannister-skull Scott Olsen in the hospital while getting flashbanged by a fake Hollywood cop. Michael Moore took his private jet to Oakland just for that opportunity to ruin everything for everyone forever. He looks like Jabba the fucking Hutt! GTFO!!!!

In livestreaming the events of Occupy Wall Street, it is clearly evident that many of the protesters are acting like victims for the cameras. At this point, it’s pretty much like shitty reality television for the internet. The people are throwing tantrums for the cameras, chanting “The whole world is watching,” and “Shame! Shame! Shame!” when the police interfere with their differently interpreted freedom of assembly which I assume is the only thing they’ve really decided on protesting for sure.

The human microphone is a sadly ironic and creepy idea. The crowd shouts “Not because of a leader” only after Michael Moore implicitly orders them to repeat it. The applications of the human microphone for mind control are staggering and real. Do not participate in the human microphone. You may fall prey to the subtle mind control and resultant groupthink which is dangerous to your individuality.

The police officers resent this farce, as they do not care to be drawn into a shitty communist reality television show designed for the internet. They may take careful aim with that tear gas cannister or enjoy cracking a skull just that little bit more. Violence is mounting! Stay tuned internets, this next police crackdown might spike that google trend back up to new heights. Someone might die!

The protesters claim to shout their name to the cameras for “legal reasons” when they get arrested. Lebal Drocer’s cocainedlawyers assure us that screaming your name on camera for the livefeed is just a piece of meaningless drama. Please don’t shout your fucking name.

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  1. I passed by them doing the human microphone, doing the “mic check!” But what was weird is that they didn’t need to do that. There weren’t so many people present that you couldn’t hear someone from within the crowd.
    So it created the effect of a murmuring religious group. It was like watching a cult. Can’t lie: I support them but it was cultlike. They all sounded at first like they were murmuring in prayer until I got nearer and realized what was happening.

    1. $cientology (and LRon) would be proud over the $300,000 Occupy Wall Street cult has collect in donations. And let’s not forget the fine job they have done of demonising the poorest of the poor of the 99%, the real homeless. Lulz at the person(s) who slashed all drums at #OWS, lol…

  2. I could not agree more. Who the hell died and made Fat Mikey the defacto ‘leader’ of the Occupy movement?

    “OWS ‘inspired’ me to make another documentary??” How about, ‘is giving me another chance to cash in’?

    “I am not part of the 1%.”, Mikey says. So I guess he’s gonna drop that $2.7 million lawsuit against the Feinstein Bros then?

    I don’t know what is worse, this pathetic limelight stealer or the fact that rational people buy into his bs.

    1. He stop being funny and relevant after Roger and Me, and actually he was never funny or relevant, I lied. Sue me, haha…….

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