Second Argentine Prosecutor Shot

Two prosecutors are now dead in the investigation of an Iranian Bombing

ARGENTINA — Albert Nisman was shot dead by an unknown villain after he threatened to bring a case against Argentine President Cristina Fernandez for an alleged Iranian Bombing coverup.

Friday, Gerardo Pollitica took over the investigation and by Saturday evening he . . .

Guy Fieri dead at 47

Fans mourn the passing of Guy Fieri

INTERNET — Fans mourn the loss of Guy Fieri, Food Network’s host for hit television show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Fieri died Saturday evening from an impacted stool that ruptured his appendix and caused a fatal infection.

Fieri was known for reviewing some of the best . . .

Chopped Judges test positive for HIV

Chopped Judges were accidentally served blood tainted with HIV.

INTERNET — Chopped Judges and celebrity chefs Aaron Sanchez, Alex Guarnaschelli, and Marc Murphy tested positive for HIV after ingesting trace amounts of infected blood during the filming of the competition cooking show. It is unknown which competitor is responsible, but Food Network is . . .

Vatican taking an ‘unhealthy interest’ in Anonymous ‘Operation Death Eaters': Barrett Brown


VATICAN CITY – As Pope Francis (D-Italy) attempts to open new bureaucratic instruments to tackle rape and neoliberalism in the Vatican, Anonymous Spokesman Barrett Brown said the Catholic church is taking an “unhealthy interest in the sensitive search for internet pederasts” and that their unwanted attention could jeopardize the witch-hunt.

Brown, . . .

Anonymous denies #OpDeathEaters is Anonymous

Heather Marsh, leader of the New Anonymous, is reportedly “Not even lowercase anonymous”

INTERNET — Today a group identifying itself as Anonymous launched Operation Death Eaters, a vigilante law-enforcement operation which promises to independently prosecute and execute pedophiles in high office.

However, an official Anonymous press release revealed that because Operation Death . . .

Snowden blames Chemtrails for Mongolian Desertification

NSA leaker Edward Snowden unveils “Desert Planet” endgame for US chemtrailing operations: Only Monsanto approved life will survive.

INTERNET — Edward Snowden spoke out after reports of rapid desertification in Mongolia have shocked millions, saying, “The desertification in Mongolia is an intentional effect created by the DARPA weather modification program that aims to . . .

Facebook implements “racist” anti-Native name policy

Facebook “whitening” native names to make whites feel more comfortable

INTERNET — Native Americans on Facebook may find their given names altered to sound more white, according to reports. Lance Brown Eyes had his name altered to Lance Brown, and has since struggled and failed to get any response at all from the . . .

Whistleblower: “CIA made Brian Williams Lie” — Bob Simon was murdered

Whistleblower says the CIA made Brian Williams Lie.

INTERNET — A whistleblower from the CIA released conclusive information to the hacker collective Anonymous that showed the CIA was acting as “de facto editor-in-chief” for all network and cable news stations. That means that a CIA agent ultimately controlled what Brian Williams could and . . .

New Zealanders spot extraterrestrial craft as it enters the atmosphere

After an extra terrestrial craft was spotted entering Earth’s atmosphere in New Zealand, experts ask: Why have so many aliens been returning to earth in recent decades?

INTERNET — New Zealanders gawked as a blinding flash and sonic booms rocked the airspace above the island nation. Meteorite expert Joel Schliff said the object . . .

3 Muslims killed in Chapel Hill Hate Crime — American Muslims rally in the streets, “Je Suis Charlie”


CHAPEL HILL, NC — Muslims gathered in cities around America carrying banners that said, “Je Suis Charlie,” after Craig Lee Hicks shot three Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, allegedly over an ongoing parking row that erupted into a deadly dispute over satire.

According to protesters, they have adopted the “Je Suis . . .