Ebola confirmed in small Georgia town

Ebola virus

Georgia authorities are trying to determine how many people a news editor exposed to Ebola.

Cuthbert, Ga. – The CDC ordered chronicle.su staff members to stay home Friday and asked them not to enter their Cuthbert, Ga. office until it can be determined their squat of a newsroom is clear of . . .

CDC knowingly let Ebola carrier travel: patient says US Gov. intentionally exposed Americans to deadly virus

Ebola virus

NSA ‘second leaker’ says American CDC complicit in ‘conspiracy’ to spread Ebola virus. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden confirmed the existence of a second leaker in September but said he acted alone.

DALLAS, Texas – As Ebola blooms in the United States, leaked emails suggest an insidious scheme to facilitate its spread . . .

Sheikh Umar Khan was 'targeted' and exposed to Ebola

“This is a disaster by design,” an investigator said, who asked to remain anonymous. . . .