Donald Trump promises to pardon Snowden, Assange, and Manning

THE SWAMP — Sunday evening at a Republican fundraising dinner in Washington DC, Donald Trump promised to pardon Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Chelsea Manning. Speaking to the group of neoconservative elites, Trump said, “These are people who have done good things, heroic things for America. Heroes. Meanwhile the Mexicans are rewarded with citizenship for […]

In wake of Paris Attacks, Edward Snowden Returns to the United States

INTERNET — Friday evening, eyewitnesses at San Francisco International Airport tweeted in astonishment as a SWAT team boarded an Aeroflot passenger jet from Russia as it was still rolling in on the tarmac. Edward Snowden was extracted in handcuffs as the jet ground to a halt. Snowden mysteriously disappeared from social media site Twitter after […]

Snowden provides documents detailing upcoming Jade Helm Coup, Globalist New World Order to follow

TEXAS — Obama’s plan to hand over the US military to UN authorities, a move which ends the United States of America as a sovereign and independent nation, was revealed today in documents brought forth by Edward Snowden from his exile in Russia. Snowden shared several slides showing secret UN peacekeeping troop movements into the US, consisting […]