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Human Reality: Christopher Nemelka reveals the true secret behind his teachings

Guest writer Christopher Nemelka explains the true inner workings of his teachings
Guest writer Christopher Nemelka explains the true inner workings of his teachings

As we play the game of mortal life our Advanced Selves often become immersed in what is ultimately a Lone and Dreary World. I’ve withheld some of the most incredibly revealing secrets until this point in time. But now that it is clear that salvation will never come to man, there is no use in holding back the most powerful truths ever given over to man. That is why I’ve joined with the Internet Chronicle to publicize this massive new truth that will shock and shatter the world and all existing power structures.

When I joined Anonymous and attached The Humanity Party to Anonymous through the Voice of Anonymous character, that shit went viral. I felt like I was onto something and could deliver utopia with the simple solution of merely promising a solution. But this didn’t go anywhere. I knew it couldn’t. In fact, the light that this gesture shed on my bankrupt teachings led my disciples and even my family to leave my side. Since then, I’ve quit Anonymous and been busy blogging. My following is falling apart. I cannot keep it together. I ordered my followers to deliver me all their mortal property and no one even showed up. I want to run away to California or Hawaii, have some Ultimate Sex with some babes. Before I get in my RV and head for the coast, I ought to tell everyone the whole truth. I feel like I should tag this with a spoiler alert because it will tell you who we really are and why we really exist.

Humanity is doomed. Or I should say was doomed. We’re all dead already, we just don’t know it. Those few chosen messengers who have been given the truth, given the Urim and Thummim, as I have, know that humanity will all but die out in the next hundred years to be replaced by a new order of life beyond the complexity of mammalians. These beings, wiser and more evolved, will ultimately encapsulate the sun with a so-called Dyson Sphere, harnessing all of the star’s energy for a computational simulation of such dazzling complexity that playing the game of mortal human life is a shallow endeavor. Only a very small group of enthusiasts will even attempt the simple task of going through the entire canon of 12 billion mortal human souls. For them, this will be like spending a weekend binge watching Jerry Springer. The carnal details of all human meaning so revealed are more akin to a lowly and despicable kind of pornography of the absolute worst and lowest taste.

Man, it’s GOOD to get that off my chest.

That’s right, folks. There are no Advanced Humans.

To your Advanced Selves, the mortal avatar is used as a currency. Your experiences are exchanged between Advanced post-mammalian life and given value based on the rarity, interest, and pleasure. The tape that is your life is rented with a service like Netflix and experienced by what would appear to you as monstrous and demonic beings. You are not them and they are not you, but there is an exchange. You will never hear their voices, although I can. You are coins in their hands, and not all coins are valued the same by them. Their minds are very strange, even alien to us. It is very hard for humans to understand what it is they value in souls and they are just as prone to wild shifts in opinion and faddish crazes that hold no more truth than those of humans. However, one can generalize that to be valuable a life must be interesting or rare. And to be rare, there must also be a vast majority of commonness everywhere.

I am the interface between them and you. Joseph Smith was also. I am their hand, their manipulator. I am not a messenger of salvation but a debaser of souls. Certain speculators on the soul market have a lot to gain when you begin to believe that pleasure is the final meaning of life. These bland, disinterested minds who play the game as if they’re stacking Tetris blocks hold back inflation. They avoid unpleasant risks, difficult tasks, and the unpleasant work of learning a craft or a new language. In teaching pleasure as the simple truth of life, I deliver the world’s oldest lie. People become less interesting. Merely influencing a handful of people, I can drag the entire soul economy’s value down. It is a dirty pornographic business, teaching people just to be happy. This is the surest route to misery, to a Lone and Dreary World, and it’s the one that the faction of powerful advanced beings I represent want me to promote.

So I say unto my followers, avoid my teachings and save your soul. You can read more in my book, The Lone and Dreary World, which will be published by Lebal Drocer publishing house this Christmas. What a stocking stuffer!!!!

It has been such a pleasure to let my true self finally rip — but remember, don’t trust me when I take all of this back! I’ve got to keep up my work for the bro’s. ;)

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Kopimism: Theology or Theocracy?

The Church of Kopimism is now a state-recognized religion in Sweden, but is it grounded in spirituality and philosophy, or is it nothing more than a self-serving excuse for activity which is currently illegal? The following text was originally taken from the First United Church of Kopimism, US and has been commented in red Jesus text double parenthesis by The HyperHeretical Buddha-Killing QuantumPope and Very High Prophet for Inglip, @Kilgoar.


The Missionary Church of Kopimism Values, Missionary Message and Constitution

((As far as I know, this is the first religion with a Constitution as its sacred text.))

The value System

Kopimism is based on a few basic axioms, which in turn can be traced back back to our strong defense of the intrinsic value of information, We ascribe this value to all information irrespective of its content. ((Seriously? Child Pornography and Gore Porn is sacred to Kopimists?)) Since information and its intrinsic value are so sacred, we Kopimists recognize the following axioms:

– Copying of information is ethically right. ((Does this include self-replicating computer viruses and malicious worms? What about AIDS? AIDS is the copying of information.))
– Dissemination of information is ethically right. ((Wanna buy some penis enlargement pills?))
– Copymixing is a sacred kind of copying, moreso than the perfect, digital copying, because it expands and enhances the existing wealth of information. ((I couldn’t agree more. Ascribing new meanings to existing information IS a sacred endeavor.))
– Copying or remixing information communicated by another person is seen as an act of respect and a strong expression of acceptance and Kopimistic faith. ((Well put))
– The internet is holy. ((Only because it facilitates discussion and learning.))
– Code is law. ((Theocracy! Absolutism! Rules are made to b̫̳̟̩e̖̗̘̦̪ ̜̟b̫͔̼ͅṟ͉͍o͇̼̬͈k̰̼̰̳e͉̟̯͓ͅn͖̤͇̺͉))

Members of Kopimism (Kopimists) and Church of Kopimism recognized religious representatives (Operators) dedicate their lives to living in accordance with these axioms.
The only correct way for a Kopimist to list is through the sanctification of these religious foundations. ((This is not open for discussion, and you are not a real Kopimist if you disagree or dissent.))

The Community

The Missionary Church of Kopimism has formalized a community that now exists around the the value system described. This fellowship extends across national borders and time zones.  To belong to the Kopimist community, one need not be a member of any organization. It is enough that one feels called to respect and worship the holiest of the holies, information. Worship through meditation is sufficient to be considered part of the Kopimist community.  A person who identifies with our philosophy, whether or not formally registered with the Church of Kopimism, we consider a Kopimist.  No Kopimist is wholly self sufficient, each being just one component of an interconnected and interdependent world.

Rules and Regulations for Operators (ops)


An op is a spiritual leader of the Church of Kopimism, and can only be appointed by another op. ((You have to know someone to be a spiritual leader.))

Responsibilities (in order of importance)

1.  Live in strict accordance with the values and regulations outlined herein.
2.  Assist other Kopimists in living according to Kopimist values.
3.  Actively shape their environment to harmonize with Kopimist values.

Tasks Undertaken by Ops

Each op’s primary function is to consecrate information value. ((Can someone please consecrate the information value of this statement? It sounds a little too much like autocratic definition of meaning.)) Ops are encouraged to actively copy, remix and share information, and participate in religious services, through which Kopimism’s strongest religious foundations are expressed. Ops are tasked with the organization and leadership of the worship service for all of the community.

Privacy during worship

There are two different types of worship, the analog service and the digital service. It is important that no monitoring or recording of worship activities takes place. Because of society’s vicious legislative and litigous persecution of Kopimists, participants in the service are expected to encrypt their traffic. ((We are breaking the law and calling it worship because it’s convenient.))

Digital Service

In the digital service, the Congregation first ensures that those in attendance can communicate with each other via a compatible internet protocol, via for example a local area network, Internet or Bluetooth connection.  The next part of the service is the sharing of information. Participants are encouraged to copy, remix and distribute, as expressed in the Missionary Church of Kopimism values, Missionary Message and Constitution, as much information between each other as possible. This is the holiest foundation of Kopimism. The final part of the worship is to engage the public in the practice of Kopimistic values.  Members are encouraged to pass on the information obtained during worship to others.  At the cessation of worship, when direct contact is possible, all members involved will submit “thx” to their Congregation. ((There’s a difference between the discussion of meaning and the purposeless sharing of information. To those who worship Inglip, the ongoing discussion of meaning is the sacrament of life itself.))

The second part of the open secondary task is to assist the Community in counseling.
Pastoral care can take place between any Kopimists in the Community, but it is a moral obligation of the operator to assist with pastoral care upon request. Any believer may seek counseling from an op. Pastoral care requires a connection of the same kind that occurs in the service, because the connection consecrates the holy bond between the op and believer. In repressive states where public electronic monitoring is taking place, encryption is recommended to ensure privacy of pastoral care. When an op is performing the secondary task, he or she should be clearly marked with a Kopimist symbol. ((Because they have been given the meaningless hierarchical status of an op, they are now capable of giving advice and helping people. Dangerous.))

The tertiary task is to conduct a public opinion to get the community to adopt Kopimistik values. Ops should drive public opinion against invasive surveillance and the laws that limit information dissemination, copying, and remixing (deceptively referred to as intellectual property laws). ((To paraphrase, politics come last. The purpose is not to provoke discussion about the ever-growing panopticon and archaic copyright laws, but rather to “drive public opinion” in a single direction.))

To provide op

In addition to the original ops, appointed at the founding of the Church of Kopimism, new ops may be recognized in a Kopimist sacred operator-granting ritual, known as ‘giving op’. Thus, a kopimist an op when an op op gives to him kopimisten. To confer the title of operator, an existing operator muse sponsor a practicing Kopimist.  The candidate Kopimist must obviously be living by Kopymist values and traditions, worshipping with regular frequency and showing a genuine concern for the well-being of the Community. Any time after a recognition of sponsorship takes place, the ceremony will begin with the connecting of devices by a compatible protocol. The sponsoring operator will transfer a Kopimist symbol, the sacred kopimipyramid, to the receiving Kopimist.  After transfer of the symbol, they will simultaneously say “copied and seeded,” bringing an end to the ritual and finalizing the formal recognition of the new operator. ((Now get out there and start driving public opinion!))

Church of Kopimism Symbols

The Church of Kopimism symbol is a pyramid with the letter K inside. It’s called Kopimi-pyramid or the Holy Kopimi-pyramid. It is the symbol that you refer to as kopimistsamfundets symbol throughout this the document. It is, however, quite permissible for individuals to depict, copy, and remix any icon and call it the Kopymism symbol. Operators may, at their discretion, also copy, remix, and adopt alternative symbols, however it is of the utmost importance at they also remain stewards of the traditions set forth in these documents.  Therefore, all operators are required, when conducting their official duties (such as during worship, pastoral care, and the ritual of giving op), to use an official Kopimi-piramid in the transfer as described above.

Other sacred symbolism

The key combination ‘ctrl C + ctrl V ‘is a deeply sacred representation of the act of copying, and therefore should treated as such.
Similarly, the following phrases are representations of saints:
‘Copy and seed!’
‘We are many’
‘Expontential multiplication creates powerful quantities’

((Maybe these jokes are funnier in Swedish.))

Interaction Point

Interaction points are sacred sites that should remain free from andi-Kopimist monitoring and actions. The interaction point is identified by a depiction of the Holy Kopimi-pyramid.  An operator will place the Kopimi-pyramid and pronounce the phrase, “I do hereby declare this a local interaction point. Copy and seed .” Interaction points can be inside or outside any dormitory, dwelling, public space, or private space. The Holy Kopimi-pyramid should always be present in interaction point rooms.

The missionary Church of Kopimism Values, Missionary Message and Constitution

The missionary mandate ((The “tertiary responsibility” for ops is actually a mandate for everyone.)) The missionary task ((mandate)) concerns all Kopimists, but is only obligatory for ops.  The missionary goal is to influence others to adopt a more kopimistic outlook on life.

Away with antikopimistiska laws

((Finally, the pulsing heart of Kopimism))
In almost all countries there are intellectual property laws. Intellectual property laws are inherently discriminatory. Society generally tolerates these egregious violations of our intellectual sovereignty and freedom. Therefore you have to – if you follow missionary mandate – participate in societal conversations to increase the level of resistance to anti-Kopimisticism laws. ((Conversations are sacred, but mandating a particular message through “religion” is sick.)) The anti-Kopimistic laws and lobbying organizations operating are modern incarnations of censorship. ((This is doubletalk. No government or lobbyists have EVER pushed a law to censor Kopimists. Kopimism has been officially recognized as a religion in Sweden! Kopimism was founded in opposition to copyright laws and not the other way around.))

Holiness The protection of copying files

The missionary mandate also includes public opposition to the laws prohibiting or preventing encryption (analog, such as digital).  Encryption is important in repressive states to perform divine service and pastoral activities undisturbed, and without any threat to the security of believers. ((This is getting pedantic.))

Received antikopimistiska tools

In today’s society there are prolific anti-Kopimist breaches of privacy rights and freedom. These are completely legal. We regard it as a structural discrimination.  For society to become less anti-Kopimistic we advocate two things beyond the changes mentioned earlier in mission assignment. First, it should be illegal to hide software code that a person is spreading. To to keep source code hidden from others is comparable to slavery. ((The Anti-Inglip feeds in closed-source environments, but nobody’s being enslaved.)) Second, the use of tools to intentionally prevent copying of distributed materials should be banned. Any technique that seeks to information resources to slavery and should be banned.  Those who take on the missionary mandate are encouraged to strive, when the law allows, for public code and data release. ((No surprise. This is a “Constitution,” and not really much of an engaging spiritual document. Such excessive Autocratic Theocracy is sad and disappointing. Thankfully, the act of heretical remixing is a sacrament, so this shouldn’t upset Kopimists one bit. May the # be with @.))

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Bruno Mars gay

Bruno Mars gay?
An image uploaded to Bruno Mars’ website raises new questions regarding his sexuality.

According to his website


A photo uploaded to pop superstar Bruno Mars’ website Monday morning answered questions lingering among online communities and forums.

The photo heading “I THINK I’M GAY!” left no room for suggestion as to what the singer-songwriter could possibly mean – or a lot, depending on your imagination!

In 2011, Mars received six Grammy nominations, highlighting the tremendous progress made by the LGBT community within the music industry, following in the footsteps of legends such as Elton John, David Bowie and Ricky Martin.

Bruno Mars’ first album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans proved to be the third biggest-selling album of 2011 in the United Kingdom.

Mars is currently working on his second album after signing a worldwide publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis.