A Message from CommanderX: I Love Massa Paid Troll th3j35t3r

My name is CommanderX of Anonymous fame, or at least, that’s who I tell people I am. Lately I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis, and there are a few things I need you to understand.

See, yesterday, I put out this fatwa against anyone who would dare engage in cyberattacks against the U.S. on 9/11. I was deliberately vague about “cyberattacks.” I might have meant denial-of-service attacks. I might have meant sophisticated attacks on SCADA systems. Nobody knows.

I get to use computer security terms as imprecisely and incorrectly as I want. You’ve gotta grant me poetic license because I’m the feared commander of the PLF. Also, I don’t really know what I meant by “the U.S.” Kinda just stuck that one out there to chill any acts of Internet dissent. Heed that and heed that good, OPBart retards.

The other thing I mentioned is that I would cooperate with paid troll th3j35t3r in righteous retaliation against any lame ass peons who would dare engage in a “cyberattack” on “the U.S.” on 9/11. I also asked massa paid troll th3j35t3r to kindly, out of his deep benevolence, stop attacking my secondary domain.

Now, I’m not really sure how I’ll attack you if you fuck with America on 9/11 since I can’t even put massa paid troll th3j35t3r in his place for attacking my secondary domain, but be warned and be warned good. And don’t ask me to authenticate my identity either. Officially, as of now, I’m continuing with my plan to going into hiding in the wake of some arrest or something to scare you and further chill your Internet actions. Don’t fuck with America.

Also, fuck you queers who say that the real America has already been anally destroyed by a set of private interests that have appropriated the name “America.” Stand down. America is what it is. And you can be damn sure that I’m gonna defend it as supreme leader of the People’s Liberation Front, that radical cyberguerilla group.

All Anon– I mean PLF members — are ordered to stand down now!


P.S. All hail the omnipotence of massa paid troll th3j35t3r

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  1. Aaron Rodgers threw a predator drone @ Gaza. Some ppl MAD. Sucks brown pray-5-times-a-day can only play sports w/ their feet. Seems like a big hole in a religion where u can’t use, like, arms. I only wish Drew Brees can use his rocket arm to annihilate all Pakis (In Britain and Pakistan)until he finds the prophesied one with “Hands”. In the meantime, Nice Hands Larry gonna catch every bomb, and spike it into an ocean, protecting us all.

    1. Why ain’t shit4brains aka beeAfraid & CommanderFauX killed by fire yet. Advancing this question for a friend?

  2. >mfw the “Commander” of what supposedly isn’t “a personal army” went all … oh fuck… lol… i faked that pastebin…

  3. Who is Commander X? – I know of the real X, but this com x fag seems to be working for the FED. What ever is claimed around the net, anonymous and PLF are NOT revolutionaries, intact they are the laughing stock of revolutionaries around the globe.

    PLF are “famous” for the hillarious intel (AJE), and anons just seem to go in what ever direction they are led.

    There is no doubt in my mind, that ComX is either a complete retard, who really should go back to school and study (geo-)politics, or he is working for the FED in which case his actions suddenly make sense.

    The real question, why do people hide behind mask pretending to be something, when all they do really, is adopt the policy of the white house admin? Oh noes, must stay anonymous whilst I say the exact same crap as my neighbor who at least has the balls to repeat the nonsense in his own name…

  4. I heard the Col. Klink voice from Hogan’s Heroes in my head when I first read his tweets to those unnamed lovable lulz brats hahahaha xD

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