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Anonymous vaporizes Sony, targets AT&T

Anonymous is organizing a DDoS that will disable AT&T’s call network to finally get revenge on smug iPhone users. In 1990, AT&T wrongly blamed a network outage on hackers, a move that led to the arrest of hundreds of hackers. Anonymous does not forget.

Today the Supreme court voted along party lines to destroy consumer rights. The majority-holding republicans voted down a case that would allow class action lawsuits against corporations. It upholds the legality of contracts which force consumers into arbitration. Arbitration is a process through which big businesses anally rape the general public. The class action suit against AT&T reached the supreme court over a $30 fee that is still unexplained. The message from the Supreme Court is clear. Corporations can force you into a contract, take away your right to sue, and charge you a fee for it. And then anal rape you, and charge you an anal rape fee.

As soon as their pawns in the Supreme Court upheld corporate hegemony, AT&T revised its terms of service to give themselves the power to anal rape more viciously.

Not all is lost. Sonygate has prompted a democratic uprising for corporate justice. A lawsuit has been filed against Sony, which also includes forced anal rape in its terms of service. The behavior of Sony and AT&T may shift public opinion against corporations in a profound way.

Senator Blumenthal and Representative Johnson have introduced legislation that will fix the rule of law to make anal rape illegal. The legislation will disallow forced arbitration by terms of service, opening all corporations to class action lawsuits. Chronicle.SU opinion polls show that 99% of citizens believe that corporations should not be allowed the right to anal rape.

Meanwhile, Anonymous is organizing a DDoS that will disable AT&T’s call network to finally get revenge on smug iPhone users. In 1990, AT&T wrongly blamed a network outage on hackers, a move that led to the arrest of hundreds of hackers. Anonymous does not forget.

UPDATE: AT&T moves forward their plans on acquiring T-mobile to crush competition and consumers underneath their mighty feet.

49 replies on “Anonymous vaporizes Sony, targets AT&T”

I thought you guys said you did’nt do it.Attack Sony that is.
Takes balls to admit it but I guess your scared now that you pissed off the end user.

We are gamers.
We won’t forget.
We don’t fogive.
We are “END USERS”
Know the wrath of “END USERS”

now why would anonymous leak their own credit card information to criminals in eastern europe. anonymous plays ps3, also.

I think you should revisit anonymous website they don’t support Sony products they use it to hack games and the end user.
The headline of this article clearly show that ANONYMOUS admits to doing it.

Theres a difference between leaking and hacking to gain peoples private information.

Leaking,is when a worker leaks the info to you.
Hacking is when you use code to break into a computer to gain info.


Please, as soon as possible, kill yourself. Don’t even think about the pros and cons of doing it, just take the nearest sharp object and jam it through one ear and out the other. Or you could go in from the eye socket until you hit the back of your skull. Long story short, please die.

P.S. Your name is fitting.

Anonymous did conduct a DDoS attack on Sony, But did not HACK sony and steal info morons. I am Anonymous and guess what I PLAY ON PSN! So im just as pissed as you, Quit blaming us and suck one

What did you expect to happen while “DDoS attacking” Sony’s servers? Did you expect it to stay online so you could enjoy your game on the servers you hated so much you just had to point the LOIC at them?

i feel like your ripping on the psn. and i will agree. it sucked at least 66.6% of the time. party due to psn fags leaving games.

Hi, sorry to interupt this meating.

As un canadiens,

“The message from the Supreme Court is clear. Corporations can force you into a contract, take away your right to sue, and charge you a fee for it. And then anal rape you, and charge you an anal rape fee.”

I think it’s a really harmful way to deal with the guy who think that the “contract” or “end user agreement” is only a usefull toolbar apps.

I don’t think Anon did the attack. Well, actually the Anon PDG’s say so. But I’ll trust them before Sony.
I’m not happy because I can’t play online the legal game I’ve paid for. The fault belong to Sony. Bonsoir.

anyone know how to say shut the fuck up in french?
this isnt a rave frencie, but we do have molly. 30 for two points. hit me up

woah, so you google my nick name and found some of my profile?!

Nice, I was wondering if google showed up these page only to me since I google my self many time a day!
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merci, or as you say fhank you!

tu wish trop, lol. we could debate the question. Well I’ll consider being a American if they can respect the way I live, wich mean and include going to french school, speaking french at the goverment services etcetera.

i dont always (ever) like my governemnt, but no1 is gonna fuck with us. plus, most public schools teach french, but only the gay kids and ugly girls took it. i’d consider becoming canadian if i wanted to do nothing with me life but smoke weed rave and watch hockey, and whatever else you do

Whoever hacked the PSN was not doing so in the name of Anonymous, as it goes against their very ideals. People also ignore the fact that many Anons would be adversely affected by this. I’m sure THEY wouldn’t want their credit card details at risk.

If you idiots must bitch and moan, direct your anger towards SONY. Maybe you should start wondering why SONY was so fucking inept to keep your data so unsecured, and have the gall to alert you that your details were compromised a WHOLE WEEK AFTER THE INCIDENT.

People quick to point the finger at Anonymous clearly haven’t a fucking clue about what Anonymous is all about, and you should STFU before vomiting out your ill-thought-out accusations.

wow @retards who dont even read an entire article or pay attention to the scene and then act like the know everything about it. now that said im pretty confident this is propagande put out by sony to turn the general publics attitude against hackers. they have seversl lawsuits agains hacker spending and it would benefit them greatly to change the publics view of them. also there was recently a custom firmware for the ps3 put out called rebug it allowed you to connect to the dev network on psn and play online even with your custom firmware. this is considered a hack into the areas described in sony’s announcement. now im not sayin no other attack happened (i wouldnt be surprised either way) but i don know the only way they could stop the rebug firmware is with a complete network upgrade (which they are now doing) so why not make up a reason that psn is down taht would make the public opinion sway in a way thats favorable to them? also did anyone notice the ddos attacks on anonnymous website, and their irc channel? happend right as psn was being taken down sounds suspect to me. just sayin dont jump to blame hackers and dont believe everything sony says. remember this is a company that sold us a unit and told us we could run our own software on it. then got pissed when we did and revoked the privelage and wont give anyone a partial refund (in america) dont believe the hype annon is an awesome group that is lookin out for you and your rights. if you stop fighting for your rights you will lose them and dont forget that.

i blamed all the reddit, anonnews, and anonops attacks on sony before posting this. let me quote you to give you some advice. “wow @retards who dont even read an entire article or pay attention to the scene and then act like the know everything about it.”

you haven’t read enough.

the point is you just saying “funny” things instead of actually proving a point (if you even have one). your just repeating thing other people have said. and somehow i doubt your george hotz. i wouldnt think he would waste his time or energy saying “tin-foil hat alert” and if so im a lil disappointed.

ok, i’ll make a point.
go read some more “anon”news or whatever bull shit sony is posting. that will get you somewhere. i mean, you’ve been reading so much, you should know more about it than anon or sony. hahaha.
tinfoil hat alert

hmmm. so im inherently wrong? do you work for sony? did you hack the server? what gives everyone else this enlightened view that i obviously lack? (i like information) maybe you can point em to this magical fountain of info that everyone else in the world has access to?

right cause your the end all solution and you opinion matter greatly to me. im just trying to find out more about whats going on if im soooooo mistaken. ya know if there is a greater degree of knowledge available why not publicize it? what would be the benefit to the cause of just keeping it secret and blasting anyone who has a theory or idea? i thought this whole snafu was about freedom of information maybe that got lost along the “trying to be cool” path cause i gotta say i dont give a damn if you think im “cool” thats not why i posted and thats not why i do anything. i couldnt care less what anyone thinks of me. and i especially hate it when people look down on others. everyone is a person and has the right to know whats going on around them. if you’re actually witholding information cause you dont think im cool enough to read it your a complete moron who is just as big headed and rude as sony. why not just get a job wokrin for em? you could be theyre press secretary.

1) stop putting words in my mouth
2) i should get a job for sony
3) you know you care what people think, or you wouldn’t have just written a book explaining how you don’t.
4) i may be keeping info from you, but it wont get you anywhere, that’s the point i keep trying to make, but again i have to hold your hand: YOUR NOT GOING TO GET ANYWHERE, no matter what you read about this topic.

this is my final reply. your an ass. who still hasnt made a real point. im glad you think your on a pedestal above everyone. thank you for being a part of the “everyone gets a trophy generation” and making yourself look stupid by only trying to make me look stupid instead of proving me wrong or showing me the “truth” that you claim to know but wont share with anyone. its good that you use this alleged information to make yourself feel good be proud. thanx again for offering constructive conversation where you state you opinions in a friendly and open environment and being open to the idea of being wrong you are a moral and good man. its good that you teat other with kindness and respect so that they will treat you with the same thats a very good thing you do. im hapy that you will live your life “knowing” that you are smarter than everyone around you and will “never” be proven wrong or avoid helping others. for you are correct and no one else can be. im also happy that you took the time to share your actual opinion that is in opposition to what i stated instead of just attacking me and essentially trolling the conversation. have a good life living in you bubble of happiness where you are all knowing and no one else is “cool” enough to know these things that only you know. i will share 1 tidbit tho and this is my again is my final reply and my final statement. i actually graduated high school and left that teenage “i know everything and cant possibly be wrong” attitude there. thanks for helping someone who you claim is supremely ignorant become not ignorant and thusly furthering the human race. glad to know that curiosity and open mindedness will be welcomed with insults and ridicule. Sincerely,
An open minded person

Once again this impersonator seems to be making a fool of himself *sighs*. I wash my hands of this, I am far too embarrassed to even be seen opposing you. Good luck with your grammar and reasoning skills =]

the greatest speech ever. or the girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes people who say the any country is usa ,s bitch never read the organic act of 1871, which explains that the us govt belongs to u.n so all the billions of people who dont know that they cant use the constitution to defend themselves because you are not a party to it..

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