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Personal Chainsawfest review/opinions

Yes in my opinion Personal Chainsawfest is the a mix of the new and old styles of music. I remember when I first heard it, I was sitting at my computer eating Fritos Brand Corn Chips refreshing Elfwax Times over and over to get the latest news. The next thing i know im having ear orgasms……. multiple ear orgasms! Personal Chainsawfest is the ballad i have been waiting for ever since purple rain hit stores. In my opinion it should be played during all elevator rides that go above 50 floors and or during passionate moments between a loved one.

Elbira Massey

Elfwax Times Ocillating Fan Club

5 replies on “Personal Chainsawfest review/opinions”

In my opinion, Personal chainsawfest is a musical punch to the skull. An injection of classic skull exploding, heart pumping rock. Elf wax, please keep making this baby making (and killing) music

Personal Chainsawfest achieved new levels Saturday when it reportedly blew the minds of hundreds of thousands of happenstance listeners after WROV, a classic rock station located in the small Appalachian village of Roanoke, Va. accidentally broadcast it across the Shenandoah Valley.

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