Rupert Murdoch is responsible for the hacking of 9/11 victims

Remember all those shocking final goodbyes to to friends and family which were played by Fox News in the aftermath of 9/11? You might want to sit down.

“The time has certainly come for Rupert Murdoch’s resignation.” -Sarah Palin

Fox hired hackers to acquire the audio, carelessly invading the privacy of American families and victims of terrorism. Rupert Murdoch personally approved of this tactic in a desperate bid to increase ratings. Back in 2001, Fox was not such a dominant force in the media. By hacking the phones of 9/11 victims, Fox News was able to gain a foothold.

Rupert Murdoch should resign now

Jesus would be ashamed of Rupert Murdoch. In fact, if Rupert Murdoch doesn’t repent soon, he will definitely go to hell. Phone hacking became like an addiction to Rupert Murdoch. He went after celebrity’s voicemail accounts, dead children’s cell phones, and pretty much hacked anything that moved.

The time has come for Rupert Murdoch to step down. Like Anthony Weiner, he has made a terrible mistake and no longer deserves his place of power. America deserves better. We are a Good Christian Nation, and Fox News has betrayed both our trust and the Freedom of Press.



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billy billy billy…
you’re missing the real story.
this whole Rupert Murdoch business is just to distract us from another government plot. in the last two weeks, government paid “officials” have been measuring gay men’s penises. the study was indeed funded the federal governement, spawning the question: what debt ceiling?
the study was done to see “what effect a gay man’s penis size had on his sex life and general well-being.” ya, that is a fucking quote. it isn’t clear how much was spent, but some reports give totals of approx. $800,000

Figures the government would spend such extravagant amounts of money on gay penises. That Obama.

Obama, apparently feeling threatened by his own half-whiteness, has taken to measuring the penises of military men for reassurance.

Now that we allow gays in the military, yes, it is. I am glad Geo has come out of retirement, his trolling seems to be back on par.

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