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2 Chainz dead at 36

2 Chainz overdosed on crack.
2 Chainz overdosed on crack.

ATLANTA — Rapper Tauheed Eppz, known to fans as “2 Chainz,” and “Tity Boi,” died Sunday from heart complications related to crack smoking. In his recent single, “Crack,” 2 Chainz said, “Everywhere I go I got crack, I got that crinack.”

2 Chainz came under fire from hip hop enthusiasts who did not believe the rapper, in fact, smoked crack. Hardcore fans of the hip-hop subgenre “Crackcore” spoke to the Internet Chronicle and are even less sure of 2 Chainz authenticity after his death from smoking too much crack. “Us real crackheads, we been at this shit for decades. We know how to handle our crack, and we ain’t out tryin’ to prove nothin’ cause everyone knows we real. 2 Chainz ain’t a crack smoker. That motherfucker is a poser bitch.”

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That niggga is a real and if he died that shit makes me mad and that nigga was better than.our gay as niggga

I met 2 chainz in exxon on holland rd in virginia beach a year ago almost and never expected the star to go down like this, if this is real I’m so sorry for the young guy…my favorite song from 2 chainz would have to be “riot.”

that man is not dead my friend said her friend got an autograph by 2 chains in she look up his hand writing and it matched so he is not dead bitches hoes whatever you all want to be called but if he dead then r.i.p

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