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Courtney Love confesses to the murder of rock legend Kurt Cobain

Grunge rock inventor, Kurt Cobain, shortly before he was murdered by his wife.

At 8:51 pm PST, Courtney Love walked into a Los Angeles police station, distraught and intoxicated. As she spoke to deputy Stephen Pollan, she began to talk about Kurt Cobain, and eventually admitted to killing him. She proceeded to explain to an officer how “the guilt reached it’s breaking point” and that she “couldn’t live with the pain anymore.”

Police have not released an official statement as to what they believe motivated Courtney to carry out the murder. “Nothing made any sense then. All I could think about was the money. I don’t know what got to me first, the pressure, or the drugs, or what…I just couldn’t take it,” said Love between tears in the interrogation room of the police station.

Reptile tears

Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Cobain, were contacted immediately upon her mother’s arrival. “I am just in complete shock,” claims Cobain. She denied an interview, stating that she was overcome with grief and needed time to think before appearing on camera.

At the time of this writing, Love is being transferred to the Seattle Police Department in Washington for further questioning. Cobain was questioned shortly and released.

“She’s a troubled woman,” claimed deputy Sephan Pollan. “I’m just glad she finally came forward. I mean, I’ve heard the rumors, we all have, but we finally know the truth and hopefully we can get this woman the help she needs.”

79 replies on “Courtney Love confesses to the murder of rock legend Kurt Cobain”

Look mate ..I don’t exactly like the lady either..I knew her in Liverpool nearly 40 yrs ago & she was a nasty piece of work..but a murderer..absolute gsrbage! If you believe this fantastic bollocks then you may as well believe in Peter Pan! Lol

It’s not fantastic, really. I encourage you and anyone else who’s sceptical to read Tom Grant’s report on the Cobain case, available free here:

I used to think the murder theory was preposterous and just an attempt to get money by a clinging leech, but after reading this report I’m deeply concerned that Tom Grant may be right. What’s clear is that he’s no faker, he’s completely sincere in his belief that Kurt was likely murdered and is convinced this is a cold case that must see justice.

The report is only 146 pages, like a short novel, so it’s very readable. Please take a look, for Kurt’s sake.

I believe she had him murdered, I know he was bipolar so would be moody and unpredictable etc, but she looks like an EVIL COW, only after his money, typical fucking woman. Fuck her, lock her up anyway, fucking whore or just shoot her.

Yea , that bitch did it . She’s evil along with the rest of those son of a bitches behind it. The know they’re all too hell. do realise right that Soaked In Bleach is an ‘ interpretation ‘.. It’s not real..are you really that thick that you can’t u understand the difference?

A private investigator, hired by Love, recounting an investigation as he remembers it is not an “interpretation.” You should watch things before discussing them like you know about them.

A full blown heroin addict isn’t capable of loving ANYTHING except their next hit. That’s what people forget. She has a ferocious appetite to feed her addiction & Kurt was the ONLY thing that stood in her way. Yes, it’s true that he did it to henceforth, the man was a genius & he’d tell Courtney your having our child, you have to quit. She being the CUNT she is couldn’t stand hearing that. He was already expressing love for there unborn child & rather than taking what he stated as a wonderful thing, in her sick addict mind she already viewed Frances Bean as a threat. Courtney doesn’t have the ability to distinguish actual love & concern without attaching unhealthy, sick, jealousy to it. That’s why Kurt had die & she was going to make sure he did. If Kurt didn’t use every minute showing & telling her how much he loved her, she was furious. A very sick woman.

As much as I truly want to believe this article, and have long held my own reservations and ideas of the murder “conspiracy”. Take a look at the date it was released. July of last year. Were there actually any truth to this, Cuntny Love would be currently locked up in a Federal holding area, and not trying to get Hole back together for one last tour. It makes for a good and entertaining read. That is about all of the actual validity it has.


Glad you brought up the Federal aspect because Seattle wouldn’t give a crap. The real crime that could put her away is the solicitation of homicide to El Duce, across state lines, makes it Federal Jurisdiction.

Absolutely! It’s amazing how long it takes our judicial system I’m guessing only because it was a cold case?

I know it. She is a mother fucker. Nunca se merecio a kurt un hombre sensible . Se merece lo peor

I don’t now I laugh more for the fake post or “GRUNGE ROCK INVENTOR” HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Kurt did not invented GRUNGE!
Grunge is just a word invented to the Seattle underground rock scene, Mudhoney or Green River should be considered “inventors”, but Kurt? HAHAHAHA

OEven if this might be fake we all know she did have to do with the murder of kurt dunb gold diggin bitch she’ll get what she deserves hope shes happy with all that money and plastic surgery ungrateful lying slut rott in hell e

She definitely killed Kurt and Duce, she just wanted the money. That’s why she married Kurt and killed him, he wanted a divorce and to remove her from his will. She got furious and hired someone to whack him. And when El Duce had an interview he said too much and was killed a week later.

If she murder him then how come he wrote a suicide note saying that he was warned about this when he became famous. Why would he say that his daughter is going to have a better life without him. Need I remind all of you kurt tried to kill himself a few times. This is just disrespectful and fake. You can’t believe this bullshit. Yes Love only married him for the fame and the money she wanted him to stay alive so that she could get more and more money. She was the one that called the police they first time he ever tried to kill himself. But I think they both loved each other. But Kurt forsure loved her more then she did.

The only person who ever said Kurt tried to kill himself was Courtney all of his close friends and people that really knew him said no way and that he never attempted suicide so please get your facts straight and stop going off of what she told the media because your statement is ridiculous …

This was obviously a few years ago but, everyone saying that she loved him and would never do this really bothers me. She loved his money, he wanted a divorce, to take her out of the will, and get custody of Francis and she did not want that. I do not believe that she did it herself, I believe she payed someone to do it and then she payed the police to not investigate. It was hardly 3 hours that they spent on this “investigation”. When she called to the police to say that he was suicidal, the police arrived and he blatantly said he was not suicidal. Then when Courtney called to report Kurt “missing” she pretended to be his mother. It is also thought that he was already dead by the time she reported him missing. There are so many things that will point, to if not Courtney,someone killed him. Not that it matters much. What is important is that Kurt died before he should have. But if someone did kill him, more investigation should have been involved but you can’t change the past.

Courtney Love set Kurt up, Yes Cobain shot himself but he did not know the gun was loaded. Kurt loved shooting super8 movies he had a library full of different ways he would kill himself. Kurt loved photography and film making. Love set up a movie scene where Kurt would kill himself, The shotgun was loaded and Love appeared to be filming. The autopsy proved Kurt had a substantial amount of heroin in his system some not flowing through his veins (Which hints at shooting up after death). The shotgun shells had no fingerprints on them (Which hints that they were wiped clean or loaded wearing gloves). The day of the autopsy someone attempted to use a Credit card that was missing from his wallet.

20-30 years from now when this all comes to light, I wonder how the world will feel, Cobain was a troubled man, He felt like an out cast but wouldn’t kill himself over fame

This is a horrible article. -_-

It’s one thing to be satirical or even make a parody of something but this is just cold.

Though, I must admit, well done on attracting a deluge of fools to bedevil the comments.

sanja your stupid if you actually beleive she loved him, no she loved the heroin he always had. i have a documentary where HER OWN FATHER SAYS HE THINKS SHE DONE IT.and he spent about 5 years trying to prove it. not to mention he had 10 heroin needles in his arm, after 2 needles of that shit your muscles can’t produce enough pressure to pull the trigger on a shotgun especially with your fucking toe. and the suicide note, kurt had been writing suicide notes for like 10 years just in his journal though

Why is Cunty Love coming out on some documentary saying how he was depressed because she was cheating in him. He could have gotten any woman in the world. He was in processes of getting divorce. HOW come no one is mentioning he was trying to divorce her before he died. It seems as if she thinks she has to remind the world that he did it, not her. That female dog needs to rot in jail

She killed him right at this moment I’m watching soaked in bleach and it was put out by Tom grant which is a pi that was hired by Courtney love in 1994 and she did. Just watch the movie

Why did Cuntny never get charged with murder? She confessed to her involvement-murder} in his death. he was ready to divorce her, then she wouldn’t be able to get his money. The money and the drugs were all she cared about! I hope the money was worth it. I hope she rots in hell!!!

Did everyone forget about the death of Kristen pfaff too? Very suspicious with traits similar to Kurt’s death. Look it up!!

Red flag reoppen the case!!!!! Courtney killed Kirk Curbain…..she admitted it herself. That was a verbal proof statement….. She needs to be held accountable to what she admitted too. Police needs to follow up and arrest her. Lock her up for good.!!!!! She killed someone…. Jehova our creator said we shall not commit murder……give Kirk justice and Jehova will give him justice

okay Courtney , you are no better than any other strung out tramp walking the streets, so stop trying to act all above, just cuz you got money you got away with murder,you have to live with the fact that you had your husband killed, and you will answer for that come judgement day,your an old guttersnipe, and you aint shit you ho !

soon im planning to become a conspirist. but this is fake. Courtney would not do this to her husband. but there is still rumors that Courtney MIGHT BE INVOLVED but that’s all we know for right now. If Courtney did kill kurt, the police would look at the figure prints on the gun. then she would be commited for kurts death. but for right now, Courtney didn’t kill kurt. he was also very ill on herion and other drugs.

Courtney Love isnt above the law. Kurt Didn’t kill himself. She was selfish and wanted all he worked hard for. While she was with other guys too. Sorry was. She deserves to be behind bars with her saggy self!!! The killed him because he was gonna divorce her ugly ass. Kurt deserved a better life with a great gal. And he had someone else ready to have with him. Courtney killed her too. What a coincidence that young girl was missing too. Courtney already knew Kurt was killed because she had already done it. Come on who isn’t gonna know the whereabouts of your mate? She already tried to have her ex son in law murdered too and she staged it!!! Just like she did Kurts.

i went out with courtney love in 1987 she was crazy then starting a food fight at hollywood sizzler and us getting kicked out. i dont beleve she had cobain killed it wasnt in her. she may be foul mouthed and arragont but that dont mean she kills

I have just said the same thing ..I knew Michelle circa 1983-84? In Liverpool I was just a kid of 17 her a few years older.She didn’t like me probably because I was naturally pretty & didn’t have to throw myself at men,in fact the opposite.She was Fucking Julian Cole when I knew her ( sure she told you about her Liverpool days) One thing remember is that she hardly ever got a bath & word the same dirty men’s Long John’s for days..smelled of drink,tobacco & sex.When she tells stories about taking acid I have to roll my eyes because I have her a mi crodot( really strong acid) and she absolutely freaked out crying..So as for making up stories & probably having affairs behind Kurts back..yeah I buy that..having him killed absolute garbage! If you to on Pinterest & type in Coutney Love in Liverpool there’s some photos a mate put up years ago ,she was dark haired & very round face d..oh told us she was from a convent school in New bet you and I could compare stories on that dealer was called Boxhead in Toxteth L8

courtney we know its you replying, pretending, your so good at that… your such a good liar. so beyond fake is so true…. must be difficult remembering all the lies or really just having to hide amd pretend to be what you only wish you were. we see the truth but A for effort girl. man you have wasted so much time effort and energy on hiding, faking, pretending, hating Nd people say your really intelligent, very smart, talented…. Truth be told you are incredibly stupid. You just think you got us all fooled. because Smart people know that lies wont ever build a solid foundation and money doesnt last forever. what comes around goes around. Kurt Cobain was a genius!!

Couldn’t have said it better! My thoughts exactly! Kurt Cobain was her ticket to getting rich. He was such a humble kind talented amazing person. Rare!!! Rip Kurt!

I don’t know what to think if it’s true than she should go to jail and if it’s not true than I feel bad for her I will say I’ve seen the police the seen looked staged I’ve also seen videos of people dying in similar ways the see has blood but not in the way the other sense did Kurt’s death seen pics look clean up like maybe someone got blood on something they shouldn’t have like their shoes or something It’s also known Frances Cobain has A restraining order on Her mother why don’t know but if this is true and she did kill him holy shit it horrible I’m not saying she did I’m just saying some about the seen was off

Of course she did. Cobain had unsigned divorce papers mailed to him. After his death, she burned them.

She had her (finally) decent album dropping and didn’t want anything to take away from that.

The $500,000,000 was just a bonus.

She used this man until he finally realized she only wanted him to write her album. His last words to her, sarcastically, were “whatever happens know that you’re putting out a good album.”

I wish they’d give her a polygraph – she knew he was in that garage dead. Why would you call an electrician from Los Angeles to install security lights on a detached garage in Seattle that already had security lights? To have his body finally found.

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