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Lady GaGa diagnosed with brain cancer

Doctors confirmed reports Saturday suggesting Lady Gaga has been diagnosed with brain cancer. The singer has asked her fans to “stay strong.”

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

LOS ANGELES It is our sad duty to report American pop idol Lady Gaga has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

A Saturday announcement confirmed physicians discovered what has been called an “inoperable” malignant tumor in the brain of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, perhaps known better as Lady Gaga, after the singer complained of feeling more run down and fatigued than usual.

Lady Gaga is being treated at the Cedars-Sinai medical institution. She thanked her fans for their support in this difficult time, encouraging everyone to “stay strong,” reassuring the public she “will persevere.”

Germanotta’s agent requested media and fans to contact Lady Gaga, as usual, care of her record labels, Def Jam Records, and Interscope.

Lady Gaga stopped using cell phones two years ago because of paranoia that they might cause brain cancer. Saturday’s news indicates she may not have stopped soon enough.

There has been no word yet as to whether the Born This Way Ball Tour (on The Road To Love) will continue as scheduled.

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I am the hatest

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I just saw this on the news. I don’t know what to do… I’m so sad
I love JB but I wish it had been him cuz he’s younger so he prolly would get a brain trasplant but lady gaga is so old she wont and she’ll die :((((((((((((((

Got told over Twitter and didn’t believe it… understandably. But then so many sites covered it.

If she goes through chemo you know she’ll pull of the bald look.

just saw this on the news…can’t believe it…shouldn’t happen to someone so young…she has her whole life ahed of her…

does anyone know if it is inoperible can they sitll do chemo?

And before people tell me its fake, I’ve seen proof.

It’s just a coincidence. It’s not like she got diagnosed today.

its sad really. her struggle will not be publicised because of the day it was released. and her terrible illness with not be take seriously! if it helps gaga i still love you

I just really hope she pulls through. She has the money to buy the best treatment. xxxx you are in my thoughts,prayers and even dreams gaga xx

Gaga, i know you don’t know me. but feel better soon. You have impacted my life so much, by telling me not to pick up my telephone, and teaching me how to ride dick. I love you Gaga. Please feel better<3

Oh noes! I just read the another article taking about her having Stage 4 malignant tumor. It’s supposed to be about the size of a golf ball according to the MRI. Get well soon gaga!

fuck google what a rretat narack67, who the fuck pays attention to the background music LOL WTF !!! really? thats fucked !!! what LOL the fuck is wrong with narack67 who posted his late period pms comment 1 month ago LOL WTF !!!

Omgish gaga i am soooo sorry you have cancer! this is horrible. i hope you get better soon!!! i love you. We need mother monster back in our lives! nd your such kind words get me though my day!

stopped using cellphones ? NOT TRUE ! she tweeted to us monsters. THIS IS NOT SERIOUS RIGHT ? SHE’S NOT HAVING A BRAIN CANCER )”:

ok it’s been proven that phones don’t actually cause cancer, so there is no way this is true -_- it’s april fools in most parts of the world already, so this is clearly a really bad one.


this is so fake.
first of all, she HAS used a cell phone – she uses it for tweeting and pictures, and of course to keep in touch.
second, she’s not signed to def jam records. they dropped her before she was ever well known.
thirdly, it’s april 1st. get real guys.

Screw all of you who say things like “good” or “so happy” about this just because you don’t like her music doesnt mean it isnt a life. How would you feel if it was your one of your favorite artist. Gaga is an inspiration and has allowed so many people to be who they are without fear. Godspeed gaga and best wishes!

She obviously didn’t make this some fucking ass holes did lady gaga is fine….. I hope I’m just not in denial

i’m so confused it isn’t april fools yet where i am in california but where/when was this posted?

if she has cancer that is so sucky but for someone to wish that she does, that pretty messed up. no one should ever wish that upon anyone. buttholes

Obviously SOME people can’t read …. Born This Way Ball Tour (on The Road To Love) so please, do us all a favour and wind your necks in? And who to say she hasn’t got cancer? You won’t know until it’s been publicly spread. So please do respect her, and by saying ‘Thank God she has cancer’ etc, you are still wasting your time posting it here. Congrats.

if this is true than i am sorry to the core…to the ones that are sarcasticly joking, and if this an april fools joke – it isnt funny u twats!!!!!!

I hEaRd iT oN tHe fOx nEwS 2DaY… GeT WeLl sOoN GaGa I LUUUUV U

“its sad really. her struggle will not be publicised because of the day it was released. and her terrible illness with not be take seriously! if it helps gaga i still love you” ;(((((

Ok, people all this shit is bugging me. Its not a joke get that in your head. We have to stay strong and not joke about this. I love your Lady GAGA. and I will stand beside you. I promise that if you died i’ll cry :(

The ironic part is that this was announced the day before April Fool’s Day…and that Frank Mason, the guy who wrote this article, died in January of this year….

This is a hoax CNN has removed it from their news site. A few people started a rumor to show how fast it moves through the web.

Hello, I’m the author of this piece. I would like to clear something up. I understand that because the article was written March 31, there may be some inclination to believe this is my idea of a sick April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

With respect to my audience, the family’s wishes, and simple matters of journalistic integrity, that is all I am able to say on the matter.

Have a nice day.

I am sooo sad about the news of this..I am a HUGE fan of hers..I really hope you get well soon and they can make feel betters soon Mother Monster…To her family…May you ALL be in my prayers..:)

a NORTH DAKOTA little monster fan

Omg this probably not a real article. “sorry to inform you” please every self-respecting writer knows not to even write that into an article. Pfft. Duh!

Sorry “sad duty” please the first time I messed it up gave you too much credit. People don’t waste your time.

“published March 31” but take into account TIME ZONES. Also, Def Jam Records dropped her in 2008, everyone knows that. This is a disgusting joke. And saying she has tried confusing get fans or whatever, that would be on her Twitter. It’s not. Speaking of Twitter, half her tweets are from her blackberry. A CELL PHONE. Have some integrity.

hahaha hopefully it is true see KARMA she corrupted a whole young generation, this is what happens to you DIEE bitchh….

Corrupted a whole young generation? LOL. Dear, It was already corrupted before she became famous :P

Btw nice april fools joke

Wow ‘mike’ you are ignorant she helps a lot of people with insecurities and she is inspirational. The world was corrupted a long time ago.

You can choose to believe it and you can choose not to for now. If Gaga confirms it herself, we’ll know it’s real.

omg im sooo happy especially if she dies she has caused me to much pain cuz my enimiey is obsessed about her so please die gaga -prays for gaga to die-

“anon v” ur an absolute sick indevidual, wishing someone dies of cancer!! Just because someone u dont like has an obsession with them!! Heres an idea how about or someone you love, a family member maybe, get cancer and have a long horrible painful death from it!!!!

alright everyone deserves a chance to live and for u to say that is really slack and u should be so ashamed of urslef Karma will come back to get u! u may not like her but it doesnt mean u should wish for her to die

I think that anyone that laughs at anyone that has cancer should get it themselfs, or someone they love should get it, see how long theyl be laughing then!!!

i think anyone that laughs at someone who laughs at someone laughing at someone wishing cancer on someone should get cancer themselves slow painful death

monsters don’t always pray, but when they do it’s to the devil. That’s probably why she has a brain tumor. You satan worshiping heathens are corrupted what used to be a good world.

She doesn’t have brain cancer. It’s just a really mean April Fool’s joke. Whoever did it is a dumbass.

if this is a joke its not a funny 1. all of lady gaga fans would take this seriously because gaga might be the only thing they truly love and if something happen to her everyone 1 who ever loved her would just crash into sadness for a long time!!! SO IF THIS IS A JOKE ITS NOT FUCKING FUNNY!!!

This is horrible. I can’t believe this could happen. If she died, all of her fans would be devistated. I really hope she pulls through cause she will always be my one and only queen.

Hello my little monsters. Just to inform u i do not have brain cancer.I am still healthy and alive. It is good that people are inspired by me. It is very good.

p.s the people that hate me say that u want me to die and that says LOL. CAN TO HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

p.s.s. I love u monsters

Lady GaGa ;D

Lady you are Gaga,

I am a 71 year old man. I think you are rife with creativity, you bring joy to your little monsters, and you are a pure delight. You are more natural and authentic that way too many people, are not.

I see the preciousness that is in your heart. I love what you are and what you do. You are so very unique that no one will ever replace you.

I am struggling to find more words that will pay you back at least a little for all you bring to this world. We need a nation that is filled with people like you. Then we would entertain the world until they find peace within. Stay healthy, alive, and precious. If I had a grand daughter like you I would have endless joy anytime I got to see you. I hope you are able to read this and that it makes you stir inside with happiness because you know how you have affected this man.

Sincerely, sincere,


hey lady gaga i love you you are like the one purson i look up to i am only 10 i have been singing your songs for my life! love you


You are the best person in my life that I ever met!
You made me who I am, teached not to afraid of yourself if you are different! Now I know that express myself and feel happy! And for all that I have to thank you. You are like an angel coming in my dreams and telling me what to do, like my twin sister, that thinks like me and make my dreams come true!
I know that the World we are living in is such a fu**ing hole, and allways want to take away the best of it! But I BELIEVE, THAT THIS TIME, YOU WILL BREAK THIS RULES! BECAUSE YOU ARE A SHINING STAR, BURNING SO BRIGHT, AND MAY BE FALLING… BUT NOT THIS TIME!

Who eva says they hate gaga they shud fuck off
I am only 11 and im obsessed about lady gaga
iLOVE LOVE LOVE GAGA nd ANON V Fuck yew i love gaga u bustard
hate her all u want nd she DOESNT CARE BOUT YEW Atleast she has a lyf unlike yew If the lil monsters hear wat u r sayin dey gonna whoop ur skinny ass

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