No Man’s Sky sets new bar on gaming possibilities

“Hello Games promised the universe, and they delivered,” says Steam user cUnTmOnk3y69. “No Man’s Sky is about sci-fi novel covers. You fly around and look at math visuals with unprecedented omniscience.”

Users reported getting stoned and playing the popular science fiction exploration game for upwards of 12 hours in a single sitting.

“Although it was pretty boring, we just kept doing it,” says Internet Chronicle game reviewer hatesec. “I upgraded my multi-tool several times. Sometimes that made it worse.”

no mans sky1

No Man’s Sky


Interactive online multiplayer

Fly together with your friends, grief opponents online, and imagine yourselves entangled in some kind of operatic space fantasy, because you constantly need to escape.

Massive space battles

Join any faction, and your choices have huge impact on how the game deletes your progress after reaching the center of any galaxy.

Other shit

You get it, the game kinda sucks but I’m being cute about it. Not worth $60. Not worth much, anyway.

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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