A call to the Tea Party: Clean up #InfestWallStreet

The Occupy (Infest) movement has taken its first serious blow in Oakland, California. Tuesday morning, peace officers protected the city from this Infestation by firing off tear gas bombs while the Marxist sinners slept, sedated by heroin and marijuana. This destructive and hateful element was removed from the streets and arrested, and if there was any justice in this country, they would face capital punishment for high treason.

Mayor Bloomberg should take a lesson from the inspired leadership in Oakland and clean the rats and cockroaches that look like humans out of Zucotti Park. These disgusting dregs of “humanity” are not exercising their freedom of speech, they are abusing it. If Infest Wall Street got what they wanted, everyone in America would have free food and access to illegal drugs. America is becoming the next Sodom and Gomorrah.

Innocent children have witnessed horrific sights at the Infestation on Wall Street including public gay sex, widespread heroin use, urination, defecation, and vulgar signs promoting Marxism. Not only that, but this allegedly “peaceful” protest has turned violent as members of the Infestation attack innocent riot police who are only trying to maintain order. One “protester” surprised a group of female police officers by firing pepper spray into their faces.

Since local governments have been craven and cowardly, good Americans look to the Tea Party for a solution to this outbreak of social cancer. Please, if you are a good member of the Tea Party or a Great American, now is the time to step up and make a stand against Evil in today’s world. You are chemo. They are cancer.

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