Al-Qaeda’s “Human Bomb” undermines airline safety

Bloodborne explosives may lead airlines to test passengers' blood for "human bombs"
Bloodborne explosives may lead airlines to test passengers’ blood for “human bombs”

INTERNET — Documents confiscated from Bin Laden’s compound in Afghanistan show plans to deploy “human bomb” technology in which certain explosive chemicals dissolved into the bloodstream of a bomber can be detonated with a small rise in alcohol blood content. Completely undetectable to any known scans, such “human bombs” could be an important tool for post-9/11 terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda.

Professor of chemistry Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador told reporters, “I’ve gone over these documents and these chemicals can be manufactured by any well equipped laboratory at a relatively moderate price. I’d be shocked if the terrorists weren’t already stockpiling these bio-explosives for a large scale attack. One sip of wine and a single terrorist could potentially split a large airliner in half, but Al-Qaeda would likely stockpile enough of this chemical to get maximum returns. That is, there may be one day very soon when Al-Qaeda can afford to take down every major airliner in the world with one swift human bomb blitz.”

This story has gone mostly unreported because of a fear of widespread panic. As is well known, much of the mainstream press has fallen under increasing scrutiny, especially when reporting on terrorism, due to excessive NSA data mining. Experts are afraid this human bomb may turn the tide in the war on terrorism in favor of the terrorists and force every airline passenger to take a blood test before boarding an airplane.

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