American Pickers Star Mike Wolfe Announces He Will Divorce Frank Fritz

Pickers’ stars in History Channel’s messiest divorce!

INTERNET — Sunday, Mike Wolfe of the History Channel’s American Pickers television program told reporters he would be divorcing Frank Fritz, following Frank’s outrageous Will Smith style slapping of “Big Hoss” from Pawn Stars.

Fritz told reporters after the incident, “The moment I recovered from Crohn’s Disease, Mike just didn’t care for me like he used to.”
Mike released a statement to the press which read, “Frank is being stupid, and he knows he was the one who was spending too much time on Elden Ring. We were never going picking enough because of his Crohns, the pandemic, and when we were watching through all the episodes of Angry Video Game Nerd we got into a bad fight. I was trying to make a joke about how Elden Ring was a shitty game, he took it the wrong way because of his Crohn’s. The truth is that in 2022, with this being the most popular game in the world, AVGN’s bit about shitty controls and difficult challenges in games just doesn’t slap like it used to and it was just aggravating. Now Frank’s calling me ableist and he’s trying to cancel me, but I’ve done nothing except try to make our relationship work throughout these hard times. I had to walk away. Also, I would like to send condolences to Big Hoss and his family. I’m sorry that you got drawn into this, and I still love you.”
Mike added, in bold text at the end of his statement, “Is this the end of the Pickers? Nope. No way. I see it as a new beginning. I’ve still got Danielle and she was always way better for haggling than Frank anyway. As a gay man I would be perfectly happy marrying her and her wife.”

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