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American Spring militias Occupy White House

An emergency escape helicopter approaches the White House Friday morning as militias assemble at the gates
An emergency escape helicopter approaches the White House Friday morning as militias assemble at the gates

INTERNET — President Obama and staff fled to a secret location Friday afternoon utilizing escape tunnels and helicopters as armed American Spring militia men surrounded the White House.

American Spring militias now Occupy the White House and plan to hold a press conference within the hour, at which point analyst Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador expects documents will be handed over to Congress demanding an end to Obamacare and massive revisions of the constitution.

Troubador speculated on possible outcomes of the new government and which leaders might rise to power, saying, “Jamie Jo Corne will likely worm her way into power, somehow, even if it takes decades of calculation and deception. Sure, she may not be a big name in the American Spring movement at the moment, but that’s to her advantage in the long run. Until then, she’ll continue to suckle at General Lee’s side, exercising her influence through him and swaying him more and more towards her racist agenda of deportation and holocaust.”

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Laughing so hard at the last line I spit coffee thru my nose, and I quote ‘Live Streaming video websites for OAS are being attacked by hackers. We’re hoping at least one of them survives the hits. We’re thinking it is most likely caused by our “friends” at the NSA, NOT Anonymous. Anonymous claims to support us.’ NSA did it for the lulz. I loves me the smell of gibermint psyOPs Ddos first thing in the mornin’. [img][/img]

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