Anonymous reveals Chemtrails are full of Barium for mind control

Anonymous revealed on Thursday that they have e-mails from a Chemtrail manufacturer describing concerns over the Barium content of Airplane Chemtrails affecting the average weight of Americans. The implication is that the Barium has turned people so docile that they have no ability to ignore fast food advertisements. In the FDA’s response, the spokesperson states that the statistics show less people die from obesity than those who were saved from violent crime by the implementation of mind-controlling Barium cropdusting of the populous in the mid-60’s.

Russia Today has reported extensively on this shit, but no one cares because they are a Kremlin owned station working on Julian Assange’s new reality show. In this show, Assange will attempt to teach a group of young Anonymous hackers to become the new head of WikiLeaks now that he’s going to be extradited to America and face the death penalty. Most of the show will be intense stare-downs as the script kiddies are put through ethical leak simulations to gain immunity from elimination and the trust of a paranoid Assange.

No one fucking calls it a state owned Propaganda machine when it’s the BBC. When it’s Russia Today, America’s knee-jerk Cold War mentality kicks in. But the Cold war was actually a myth created to help immortalize Ronald Reagan as the greatest man in American history, even better than the founding fathers. Only a Hollywood phony would claim credit for ending a war that didn’t even exist. The Cold War is still on, though, and it’s actually just about to explode.

The first conflicts of the third world war are the aggressive actions by the United States in the Middle East. Once Iran is drawn into the ever-growing military industrial complex, Russia and China both make military inroads into the region to claim whatever oil is left. Russia is currently preparing an invasion of Georgia, its oil rich neighbor. America may show an early advantage in the conflict, but will ultimately fall prey to extremely sophisticated cyber threats from China. For the first time, drone aircraft will battle each other, resorting to physical force only after cyber attacks have failed. This world war will end in a stalemate as the extended fighting rages through the last of the world’s oil supplies.

As oil prices skyrocket, so does the cost of food. The very poor starve to death under crushing debt and criminals will make enormous profits selling stolen food. Cities in the desert will become unreachable islands, livestock will become more valuable than gold, and a wireless solar-powered internet infrastructure will be implemented as a last minute emergency communication measure.

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