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TehWongz retires from hacking

Charrie Wongz (@TehWongz) was recently kicked out of Destructivesec following his alleged arrest and cooperation with law enforcement agencies. In a recently leaked conference call, agents used derisive terms to refer to Wongz.

Wongz is fifteen years old and has been hacking since he was twelve. He has hacked the online video game service Steam, as well as going on the offensive against his own school. By planting a malicious batch file into the school’s system, he crashed every computer with one swift stroke.

Wongz denies allegations that he is in any way working with law enforcement or that he was ever affiliated with Anonymous. However, he does admit he did have his computer equipment confiscated and had a voluntary interview with police. He is currently campaigning to raise money for a new laptop.

Sadly, Wongz informed us that he has retired from hacking at the request of his girlfriend.

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Jeeze I was writing in retard again, haha….


And the little shit Charlie/Charrie is back haxoring again to prove he has a small pen0r like the sABU cockpuppet.

hmm well I am not sure that he snitched, and that is why it’s a story. I seem to recall wongz getting shit listed early on but I never saw the proof, even back then.

well if he did snitch he gets a pass where I’m from. We didnt do business with 15 year olds thats one, and when we heard a young kid snitch we help the families of the kid. Sometimes I dont get people today. Think a 15 year old can stand up to cops that grown Harding criminals cant even stand up to. WTF

charrie wudnt snitch trust i know he has just told them a load of shit n ratted people who r against him. if u r against tehwongz uve fucked it basicaly

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