Anonymous takes down Internet in all areas controlled by ISIS

EXCLUSIVE! is the only publication cleared to run this cartoon in the entire Soviet Union!
EXCLUSIVE! is the only publication cleared to run this cartoon in the entire Soviet Union!

CYBERWAR — Anonymous claimed a tremendous victory in its #OpCharlieHebdo campaign by downing all Internet in areas controlled by da3sh, the terrorist “cancer” growing in the heart of the middle east, also known as ISIS or the Islamic State.

The Hacker known as Weev AKA 4chan, acting as temporary official spokesperson for Anonymous (while Barrett Brown is in Jail), told reporters, “The brave white men at Charlie Hebdo are surely the truest practitioners of satire on the whole Earth. They have been avenged, for Thor’s lulz. The Internet at da3sh will be down until those goatfuckers send themselves up to their baby-rape heaven.”

Weev is not a Christian, but a folkish, or militant right-wing practitioner of a vague Norse polytheistic reconstructionist faith, emphasizing the God of Power and Violence, Odin. Weev gained notoriety in America and Northern Europe for popularizing a pornographic image of a depraved man with the biggest gaping asshole in the world, as stretched to its absolute limit.

The Arab world has long accused Anonymous of acting as an instigator and meddler in their local affairs after Anonymous operations added chaos to an already destabilized situation in Tunisia and Egypt at critical moments while CIA agents installed regimes more friendly to the West during the so-called “Arab Spring.”

Iran’s Press TV even accused Anonymous of being a false flag operation of the United States, citing the well-known false flag crimes committed by Islamist Hector Xavier Monsegur, AKA Sabu, who led thousands of attacks on police departments and innocent news organizations in the US after being co-opted by the “FBI.” Press TV cited New Homeland security laws introduced secretly in FISA courts that call for “aggressive and pro-active networking in all branches and twigs in all federal, state, provincial, and local governments.”

Commander X, veteran lieutenant in the Anonymous hacker collective, explained, “Lots of trolls think that Anonymous convinced allies of the pro-US rebellion to shelter themselves in the US-backed Tor Internet cloaking device. That’s bullshit. We fight for freedom. They also say we defaced the government websites, a feat that surely enabled us to leak something that we never leaked. Trolls. They say that LOIC is just a trap for noobs. TROLLS. Don’t listen to the haters and the bullshit. We hate America just as much as any jihadist, but Free Speech is even more important. Je Suis Charlie!”

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