Barrett Brown “resigned in protest” from The Intercept

Barrett Brown hasn’t been writing much lately.

INTERNET — In an exclusive interview, Free Barrett Brown spokesman Kevin Gallagher told Internet Chronicle reporters Barrett Brown “resigned in protest” from Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald’s flagship publication The Intercept.

Brown’s row with The Intercept broke out over a story Motherboard later titled What is to be Done? and subtitled It is time to consider alternate systems of governance. 

Gallagher told Internet Chronicle that Brown’s editor at The Intercept found the story “problematic,” adding “[Brown] resigned in protest and joined VICE.” The article was likely rejected as a longwinded, self-congratulating mess that takes far too long to get to a sales pitch that hardly makes sense.

Before spending a half decade in prison, Barrett Brown was the most visible man to be associated with a string of computer hacks done under the icon of ‘Anonymous’. Brown’s word was often enough to shape media narratives, and as a rule he offended many hackers associated with Anonymous.

Newly free of all parole restraints on publishing, Brown has become only more silent on internet freedom, Anonymous, and the state of the world in general.  His only terse statement expressed no confidence in Anonymous as a force for good and mentioned a new thing called “Pursuants” which will replace them and eliminate the flaws that ruined their organization.

Brown is publishing less stories than when he was in prison and the latest row with The Intercept over his dirty old purusance jibberish has led Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador to conclude that his career as a writer is in trouble. “He’s writing a big ugly Mein Kampf style book and the editors cain’t control him. Things are breaking down. As a professional psychoanalyst I can tell you this right now, the pursuance fixation is just about power. That he’s shifted from a human form of persuasion to some mechanisms of computer code means he’s crossed into a psychotic territory and is very unpredictable. Possibly he will just remain in hiding, quarreling editors into dead shit or perhaps he will go full out on the Pursuantism until he’s put in prison again. Time will tell.”

Ayn Rand’s cyberacolyte has always been astray but now maybe he’s lost, too busy with Pursuants for this world. Even Brown’s spokesperson Gallagher tweeted, “… this Pursuance thing has been stewing for years and it’s now time for somethin new.”

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Fgt needs to stick writing about what he only knows; drugs, himself (narcissist much), & prison culture. He started out sort of okay, writing about Nixon (criminal, birds of a feather and all that, I guess) then as usual went he off into left field re: the false equivalency to Trump’s (manichurian candidate) for nationalism & militarism against Nixon’s keystone cops state cronyism.

The chronicle ceased writing about thejester group ?s decades ago yet this fucked up wifey beatin’ ?? moron is still some how relevant!?

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Barrett Brown
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6:24 pm · 4 Sep 2017

He called you a snitch for being interviewed by the fbi and writing about. This retard has weaksause and a small dick.

… and Jesus wept and Barrett Brown cried some more on twitter while deflecting his on going support and promotion of sabu (convicted snitch) and law enforcement’s sham of entrapment, formerly known as #Antisec and now renamed #Pursuant.

BRB calling FBI tip line because of my feels.
::hits self with fly swatter while filling up mom’s car with gas::
FWIW shm00p is my second favorite snitch right after Hector (sabu) and then ofc Neal Rauhauser comes in at a distance 3rd.

DEAR BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) We’re all just here for the lols, the poor quality writing/satires, the death hoaxes, teh lelz, teh lulz, and the latest Barrett Brown death watch (think dead pool meets the game (get a) Clue) from either a fentanyl OD or FBI sniper.

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