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Casey Anthony innocent of all charges

Helicopters circle the Orange County courthouse as jeering crowds shout “OJ 2!” to demonstrate how out of context their feelings truly are.

Nancy Grace sneers through a million televisions, imploring us to please think of little Caylee, and continue our own personal crusade for justice. Grace frothed like a third grade science project and foamed at the mouth on live TV as her spine twisted into the shape of a question mark preceded by an exclamation mark.

[pullquote]”I was thinking about throwing little Caylee’s body out in that swamp” – NANCY GRACE[/pullquote]

Little Caylee, now a blip on the radar, a mistake erased, has been thrown out the window of a moving car to rot on the side of Nobody Gives a Fuck Road, Nancy Grace said.

Happy Independence Day! Casey Anthony is the new official symbol of Freedom, Independence and Life after being found extremely Not Guilty.

“For three long years, the citizens of Orange County have sought justice for the death of 2 year old Caylee Anthony,” said an unnamed Negro cop before reporters.

Today, justice is served.

Nancy Grace has begun filing her teeth

Casey Anthony has already been approached with a book porn deal for millions of dollars.

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