China unveils cutting edge Dongzhen interceptor — American generals terrified

China revealed a secret fighter jet that completely outclasses anything possessed by the West
China revealed a secret fighter jet that completely outclasses anything possessed by the West

BEIJING — The Chinese air force shocked the global community after it revealed the Dongzhen, a futuristic thorium-powered fighter that boasts capabilities which allow it to intercept and destroy nuclear missiles. The Dongzhen’s thorium engines can operate for weeks and in the vacuum of space, as well as providing the massive thrust needed to intercept ballistic missiles.

To serve its primary role as what the Chinese call the “nuclear great wall” the Dongzhen is operated remotely, patrolling China’s borders for up to twenty days before it lands for a refueling. However, the Dongzhen still features a cockpit and can serve a secondary role as an air superiority dog fighter.

Although many of the Dongzhen’s capabilities are still top secret, officials stated that it had a full complement of cyberweapons as well as other possible offensive capabilities.

Americans reported loud booms this December as the Dongzhen flew over the United States in a display of force. U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney  slammed the Obama administration for keeping the flights under wraps, saying, “The US is no longer a super power, and American citizens have Obama to thank. I am personally shocked and terrified.”

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  2. you really liked this one huh spook

    this type of a thing could happen any day and the big e-peen of the us and europe would deflate for.. decades? centuries? millenia? forever?

  3. “could happen any day” lmao. China can’t even build passenger jets. Airbus (FRANCE) now lets China perform final assembly on some jets, but even those are only for the domestic Chinese market.

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