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Chronicle.SU disbands after huge dump

Fuck yeah

Anonymous LulzSec AnonOps AnonNews! Disband FalseFlag J35T3R d0x team poison Julian Assange! Meanwhile Twitter Gawker Wired Forbes Guardian Barrett Brown.

FBI CIA Secret Service. NSA Obama Schumer Protect IP Al Franken. Anonymous anonymous AnonOps IRC.

50 Days of Lulz and LulzLizards ftw omg heydarguise wtf rofl lmfao lolocaust lulz. rofl rofl rofl, lmao lmao Adrian Lmao.

Adrian Lmao launches wikiSnitch, becomes world’s first overnight gorillionaire.

LulzSec went to and tell them to control internet reputation in case someone lies about them online.


I wrote this rudimentary smtp spamming program that can't deal with the massive numbers of emails leaked. Also, while I was away from the whole hacking scene smtp became impossible except with gmail. Also yes, I know. stfu

Julian Assange Julian Assange. False Flag Osama, False Flag Obama.


Sabu = Julian “LulzSec” Assange

dox dox dox, dox dox dox. a little dox on your dox?

final shout outs to my twitter friends, give them an unfollow

@LulzSec – so glad you gave us an interview. it is the highlight of our life as fake cyber war reporters. also we know you’re only “retiring” for the lulz, just like art bell.

@th3J35t3r – thx for the multiple tw33t5 linking to us. it is another

|-|1g|-||_1g|-|1+ of our f@k3 cyber war reporting

@RevMagdalen – the most sexy troll evar, you must be a psy op from the cia sent to find out who i’m working for

@VinceInTheBay – you’re like howard stern before he sucked, mixed with 4chan after it started to suck (ghost blows and sucks compared to you, the king of btr)

@ioerror – i know you crashed mtgox and are working with lulzsec. tell Sabu (Julian Assange) i said hey.

@AdrianChen – u jelly we talked to lulzsec? yeh umad and u jelly. leak that jelly to pastebin.

@AnonymouSabu – it was nice talking to you, Julian

Did I forget to mention your twitter? Awwwww, go cry, you fuckin’ trolls.

Now for a final statement from Kilgore Trout (who keeps coming out of retirement, even though we hate him)

You Australian Farmhouse sandwich eating cunts! You can’t quit! What am I going to do with this shit-eating Twitter account? What the FUCK is going to get hacked now? So we should all go to AnonOps. Really? Leading people back into that FBI pussy trap. If you fucking say so, because I worship your swollen nuts. God Dammit, you’ve got me this time!

Let’s all go down with the LulzBoat!

nooooo don't go away lulzsec pleeeeeeeaaaaase we love you



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No big surprise that the house nigger, sabu is him…..I think we should all call jester, jessy now since we are all on homoerotic terms with one another…

this whole article hinges on the fact that lulzsec’s retirement is another elaborate joke. but i don’t think anyone gets it except lulzsec and me.

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