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Own Up To Being Owned

I do believe, if you don’t like things you leave for someplace you’ve never gone before.

bah, bah, bah bah. Ooh. Honey, I found a reason to keep livin’. And you know the reason? Dear, it’s you. And I’ve walked down life’s lonely highways hand in hand with myself. And I realize how many paths have crossed between us.

[pullquote]I do believe you are what you perceive.
What comes is better than what came before.[/pullquote]

The anarchist in me wants to watch it all go to shit. The computer geek doesn’t want to sit up all night with a shotgun pointed out the window. Pointed at the door. Waiting to squeeze the trigger just as soon as I see the rape in my neighbor’s eye. No sir. I like my peace too much for that.

I’d rather repair what’s here. And that’s why I want to catch a congressman – or many – selling their votes. I want to expose the piece of shit legislature owned by multinational corporations. I want to jab a needle right in their fucking eyes so for once they have to smell the sewer they’ve created. The sewer called America.

I want to disown Congress by stealing it. I may be killed. So be it. You know who I am. Know also that I am coming.

Reflecting, I see that you see and we all see it’s just an empty, masturbatory promise; rest assured, I know the guy who knows a guy, and I’m coming in. Meanwhile I too rest assured and remain absolutely positively certain that masturbation comes not without its payoff. I come for a purpose and I’m about to impregnate your whore daughters of the dollar with the cold hard seed of truth and we’re all going down like sun setting on life itself. That’s you. Me, in a blaze of glory. You, in a blaze of flashbulbs and media shame leading up to cancer and prison hospitals. You, in a maximum security hellbox where you’ll spend your days writing to lobbyists and shareholders telling them how bad the food sucks and buying my hit on layaway. Well, let’s do it.

Your days are numbered, capitalist pigs. These anonymous tryhards can blog all they want and I know I get lumped in with them. The difference with me is I am committed to joining your ranks and ousting all of you by becoming one of you. The process has already begun. Funny to me is knowing you won’t read this warning.

See my face up there? Watch for it. I’m nice, I’m funny, I’m a backstabbing sociopath piece of shit and I’m gonna fuck you with a smile. You have two years. And then I’m coming for you.

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

6 replies on “Own Up To Being Owned”

“I’m a backstabbing sociopath piece of shit and I’m gonna fuck you with a smile”
someone is legitimately trapped in their mind. hey kids, DON’T do lots of acid. just take hits one time. shrooms are safe tho. or at least they weren’t turn you into a paranoid schizo that spends two thirds of the day plotting schemes and ways make people feel the hurt he has.

take some time out of work. take some time off drugs. talk to the people you love. find your inner peace, and it won’t matter if you do lsd or not again.

I like to read the random articles every once in awhile. I see you’re not going to play along though. Tisk Tisk.

I love your passion for change and hope that it brings more sheeple to wakeup. There will come a day when words will not be an option any more. I would rather be 1 of the 2% of population dead from takeing it back from the 1% of the dispicable “Owners”. I wish more people GOT you Ava… You should VLOG this!

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