Ava K Lamb Exclusive Report

Don’t be afraid to fall in love.

Gonzo journalist and drug unenthusiast Ava K Lamb reports from the frontlines of your mind’s struggle to comprehend future instances of itself in the not too distant past.

Using the latest in neutrino technology, follow Lamb on a journey through prime numbers, recycling, Johnny Cash and a tractor.

8 replies on “Ava K Lamb Exclusive Report”

I tripped over you the other day while i was looking into the web box, You insightful and out going which is a exciting way to be. I hope you will except me as a new friend and I will tell you of my surfing life of art and spirit travels.

for now remember the leaf that fell on the top of a stream and really had no choice where it was going but in the end all things stop in the same place.

Eddie. P

Ava, I came across a lot of your material over the past few days and I am really intrigued. Would you like to FB friend? I’d really like to follow you work and keep in touch.


Ava… I wish you would DO ANOTHER FUKIN VIDEO ALREADY! BTW,How many stalkers do you have exactly as of late? I thought you may have taken down or editted “curious poses interview” video by now.(glad you havent)I wouldn’t blame you if you did tho.) I hope you get some Inspiration to do another so called, bland, video. Yer the shit Ava

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