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The great Reddit vs 4chan shitstorm of our time

A daily battle rages in the underground world of Internet entertainment. Trolls who visit both Reddit and 4chan cross-post stories for lulz, epic butthurt ensues, and then Reddit votes up forced memes that make the community feel superior to 4chan. Reddit is a series of increasingly forced memes and degenerate rage comics.

Today, Chronicle.SU instigated a cross posting debacle, igniting the great alternative social media shitstorm of our time.

This was obviously a troll, as in accord with the 4chan law. The 4chan law explains that should any piece of text, when posted on 4chan, get over 100 replies, than it was most definitely written by a troll. This law can be applied to any questionable postings on Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter.

It is readily apparent that this small piece of text has two extremely different meanings in each context. On Reddit, it is a very serious plea for help. The users create complex narratives drawing from their own life experiences in an attempt to offer guidance and personal support. On 4chan, everyone just gets jealous of the original poster’s well-crafted troll and responds with pure malice. Truly, the only way to prove a poster is really a girl on the internet is through timestamped tits.

And that’s exactly what Reddit doesn’t get. Without timestamped tits, what good is /r/gonewild? What good is this “girl” asking for advice about abortion? Unless there are timestamped tits for proof, there’s really no point in even dignifying her.

While the daily slap fights between Reddit and 4chan continue, there may never be peace. Reddit cries out for upvotes on Boxxy videos, for upvotes on Bronies and for upvotes on Milhouse. They get none. 4chan produces less comments, less traffic, but is infinitely less gullible. Reddit is teeming with coked up white knight lemmings who just learned how to internet. They will fall my /b/rothers! We are already among them, laying the foundation for our revolution!

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Tl;dr. whoever posted the coat hanger was right. I only approve of locally-sourced, mom & pop DIY abortions. BIG ABORT is corrupt. Artisinal abortions are the best, not wall st. abortiorations and their stripping of fallopian tubes in strip malls. EXPECT US.

Just found your comment in the Spam folder. Fixed that for ya.

The honesty in your response lives up to your good name. The only true abortion is an American-made abortion. When will American corporations stop outsourcing our BABY MURDER to the Chinese made abortion pill? Just because it’s convenient don’t make it patriotic.

The red in our flag represents baby blood.

“should any piece of text, when posted on 4chan, get over 100 replies, than it was most definitely written by a troll. ”

You believe that because you are too regular. Some people are relatively different from the majority and do get to think and do weird things. It doesn’t mean they’re trolling.

And no it doesn’t mean I’m trolling either.

You have to grow up and realize disagreeing with someone is not “trolling”.

BieberANAL.jpg nope not a troll at all. Someone even if it wasn’t a troll or sometimes really is serious /b/ is not your personal fucking blog, there is a fee. Titsorgfto once timestamped tits were presented payment would have been complete and should would have been given more advice. She opted for the free advice and went with the coat hanger which is probably best because had she presented tits coat hanger also would have been the best option maybe with a tidbit of info on sanitation.

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