“Cultural Marxism” is scare propaganda for sad losers

This weird creep is a hero to many other obvious creeps
This weird creep is a hero to many other obvious creeps

Cultural Marxism, a supposed race-based modification on Marx, created in the terrified imaginings of people with hostility for all race politics, completely ignores the works of Marx and uses that name only because it evokes fear. By mere substitution of race for class in the popular misunderstanding of Marx, the modified “Cultural” Marxism is an imagined tool used for suppressing white people. It is preposterous to suggest that such a view has ever existed except in the shattered mirror of hostile sources, and it is certainly beyond credulity to suggest such a view is dominant now.

Almost all SJWs — to use the hostile term — are intersectionalist and rather than taking the worst from Marx and (Critical) Theory and concocting something that sure looks like obvious scare propaganda, they are generally voicing a point of view that puts marginalized and demonized peoples of all classes and races at the center of the discussion. That their arguments have made some headway in the world for struggling people is certainly good for us all. The economy as well as compassion is not zero sum, in fact it takes less effort to just not fuck with people. Why do it? What a waste.

Nobody is teaching college students to hate white men. Nobody is wishing poverty on whites or orchestrating immigration invasion. Cultural Marxism is nothing more than scare propaganda for the easily triggered loser with a weak sense of identity who cannot abide multitude. The prophet of Cultural Marxism, Anders Breivik, was a friendless sad man who, despite his affluence, felt victimized by immigration. He isolated himself after multiple plastic surgeries and even in the depths of his suicidal pact with himself he was too scared to speak to women. The costs of his bomb-making plot were far beyond reasonable, the methods were completely absurd, and his autobiography is the most extreme form of self-mutilation possible. He thought of fine dining as a greater necessity for bomb making than practical concerns like pulverizing explosive components. That’s the type of guy to needlessly bury murder equipment, to travel to Budapest only to buy a hooker and fail at the completely unnecessary and expensive mission of purchasing illegal weapons. He is the prototype and caricature of shut-in video game nerds who log on to the net only to cluck about cucks and SJWs because they have no other source of satisfaction in life.

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That guy looks like David Duchovny with Julian Assange’s haired photoshopped on, and he’s wearing Piers Morgan’s bullshitty suit.

btw his face is all over 4chan right now

Whether or not Cultural Marxism is real can be debated, as anything can be. That being said; the presented argument is falacious. Reducing it to ad hominem attacks actually refutes it and serves to prove one thing: An agenda of hate and division. There are more logical fallacies than proofs, in fact I see no proof at all. Please explain why culural marxism does not exist rather than insulting those who believe it does.

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