Donald Trump’s ex-wives speak out on “forced abortions”

Donald Trump's ex-wives speak of monstrous forced abortions
Donald Trump’s ex-wives speak of monstrous forced abortions

INTERNET — Saturday, Donald Trump’s ex-wives came forward with shocking stories of the bombastic Republican presidential candidate’s multiple abortions, alleging he coerced them into aborting when they wanted to keep their babies.

Trump’s first wife, Ivana, told reporters, “He was obsessed with having unprotected sex with me at all moments of the day, and I got pregnant ten times during our marriage. The first time he just scowled and said ‘you’re getting an abortion’ even though I wanted to keep the baby. I had no choice at all. He wouldn’t even pull out.”

Amidst tears, Ivana explained her reason for coming forward, “I knew I had to say something when Donald was on TV saying his views on abortion had evolved because he knew a man who was not aborted. That man is his own son, who he wanted to abort so badly that he gave me a black eye. But I kept three of my babies, mostly by lying to him, and he resented it so much he left me for Marla.”

Trump’s next wife, Marla Maples, met up with Ivana Trump after the debate to talk about their ex-husband’s love for abortion. “I used to hate Ivana but we went through the same meat grinder. I always asked Donald to wear a condom because I didn’t want to get pregnant, but he hated them and called them ‘cocksocks.’ I always felt like he enjoyed it when he’d get me pregnant and take me to Planned Parenthood, and Ivana said she went through the same thing. He definitely took pleasure in aborting his babies. But now we know how much a fetus is worth, and how he always wanted more and more sex when he was losing money. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was reinvesting the abortion profits into real estate, but that’s taking it easy on him. There was probably no money in it at all, just a carnal urge to desecrate a woman’s body and kill her unborn babies. Megyn Kelly has no clue how much that sicko hates women. He forced abortions out of us when we wanted to keep our babies. He’s not pro-choice or pro-life, he’s pro-death.”

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I say the puplic calls out the wives and if this is true they will have no problems repeating it l. But then again billionaires can make people disappear. So if this is a made up crock of BS. It could put these women in serious danger. I hope who ever wrote this is aware they could be sued or worse.


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Sounds like bs to me too. Put the woman on camera…. I’d like to see their responses. Won’t happen….. But Ms Maples was on The View recently. Horrible show. Makes me think she wants attention. $$$$$$ too

So why is this white trash of a man running for president? He bad mouths immigrants when this all he bags and tags with his penis and hands are immigrant women?

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and so, feminist shit smearing begins anew. they really want the left to win again and doom the country into rome-like collapse.

and so, feminist shit smearing begins anew. they really want the left to win again and doom the country into rome-like collapse.

Omg I’m shocked and speechless. Sticking to this issue I think its horrible, ( he was treated unfairly by fox at a presidential debate) end. My opinion. And to hear this all I can think about is ivana and ivanka, how will she feel? It must have taken a mental toll on ivana. Certain Subjects and questions belong in there right places. Her sons know. His past choices now have become his present. Its horrible and I take the women’s side. I sure look differently at him now sadly. Especially in Iowa saying over and over I love kids. Wow stay strong. You both raised beautiful children.

Because they were made to go there. If he would have brought them to a real hospital, they would have been separated and then he would not have been able to manipulate the situation and the system. If this is true, this is just another peek into the real Donald Trump, not the person he’s pretending to be for the cameras.

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Lol. Is this supposed to scare somebody? Trump is a loser and a coward in every sense of the word… smh

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If I can be mayor of heaven (Toronto) than Donald Trump can be Satan in the Hell States of Amerikkka or at least in the Republican Party

Ivana has already spoken out , supporting Mr. Trump . politics is a dirty blood bath sport that has no boundries . the Elite are in full panic mode !

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Lie lie lie ?we all are smart enough to know this is more lies! Those classes women would never talk like that or go to planned parenthood they are rich! You know they took birth control come on I hate the way these terrible people think we are stupid ! Trump make America USA again

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A Presidential campaign should be driven by truthful issues and serious debates, not political gossip or reckless personal attacks and hate filled character assassinations and falsely accusing a whole race or a nation of law abiding hard working people to as Adolph Hitler and Mussolini did by accusing whole sects of civilization of being no more than VERMIN! SHAME on AMERICA for applauding The Likes of DONALD TRUMP and Chris Christie and Sara Palin after Trump threatening millions of innocent people that he will ban them from entering or just being here in America!

Republicans are practicing exactly what Saddam Hussein and all Terrorist do ! Its called a SCORCH AND BURN POLICY( they REPUBLICANS could care less about what is good for all, they care nothing about the Elderly,Sick,Disabled or Hungry! All they care for is GREED and BIGOTRY ! They could care less if DONALD TRUMP and he would like BUSH did take us into God knows what! That TRUMP would take us to a horrible demise !I have studied so much of the Trump’s outlaw GIANT PONSI( The Bogus Trump University ) operations and what is so scary it seems The American People are and ignore all The Red Flags and give this NUT BAG a applauding standing ovation of a Fascist Bigot bragging how he grabs a Woman’s pussy as he attempts to have sex with her a married woman! May God Help Us! It reminds me of what Our Lord said and prayed from The Cross ( Father , forgive them for they know not what they do.

Cheers sir! You have hit the proverbial nail on the head! Thank you and congratulations! Proud and honoured to vote Hillary Clinton as Potus! As a Matter of fact I am voting Blue all the way, I have had enough of this obstructionism to last me a lifetime.

Regarding our Affluenza candidate, plus being Putin’s puppet, our congress did not do a deep enough vetting process. If they knew what a crook he really was in many ways, he never would have been allowed to run for office!

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